Increase the conversion rate of your business website with these 17 steps

conversion rate is one of the matrices that must be calculated and always monitored by every businessman. Some of the readers, of course, are still not familiar with the conversion rate. So what exactly is the conversion rate? conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to the business who actually make transactions. Conversion rate can be calculated for customers who come through the website or online. So, for example, there are 100 visitors who access the website and who actually buy is 30. So the conversion rate is 30%.

Now, the higher the conversion rate, the better for business development. Then, how to increase the conversion rate?

1. Use good image quality and depict certain actions

This image will be more effective if used in content section, search bar, checkout page.

2. Conversion rate can go up 80% when using video

In fact, as many as 64 – 85% of customers will buy after seeing the video of the product.

3. Color has an 85% effect on purchases

The use of black, orange and blue colors is able to attract buyers. Light blue and dark blue colors can attract buyers who depend on the budget. While the colors pink, light blue and red are able to attract traditional buyers.


4. Use of urgent sentences

Because items with limited stock will be more valuable. This can be applied to “free delivery”, “special discounts at certain hours” etc.

5. Product reviews can increase conversions by up to 10%

Did you know that as many as 60% of previous customers do product reviews first before deciding to buy?

6. Using a “trusted” label can increase conversions by up to 40%


using a trusted label, 48% of customers will trust your business more. You can verify your business on a white label provider’s site.

Credibility as a businessman is certainly influenced by the existence of clear information on the website.

8. Make checkout as easy as possible


it easy for customers to shop at your place, because not everyone likes complicated things.

9. Help customers save their time by using short forms

The reason people shop online is to save time. Customers will certainly feel more comfortable and comfortable shopping where they are given a lot of convenience. One of them is the existence of a short order form.

10. Provides a variety of payment options

The more payment options you provide, the more pampered customers will be who want to shop at your place. This is one form of convenience that you provide to customers.

As many as 50% of website visitors will definitely use the search menu. So, by optimizing this feature, customers are guaranteed to feel more comfortable and eventually shop at your place.


12. Provide better filters on the website

Sometimes, customers who enter the website will compare the price of a product. For example, they need a low price. When that happens, then a good filter system will certainly help them a lot.

13. As many as 93% of customers will buy when there is free shipping

Who doesn’t like it when they are given additional services, such as free shipping. As customers of course we will not miss this advantage right? Well, this is also what your customers out there are thinking.

14. Upselling and Cross-selling

Don’t ignore the customers you currently have. Do upselling and cross-selling to further engage them.

15. Live chat

Live chat on the website actually has a big impact. 63% of customers will return to a website that has a live chat feature. As many as 38% of customers will buy when assisted by chat support. 90% of customers say that having live chat really helps them.

16. Optimized the use of discounts and special sales

The habit of customers in Indonesia is looking for discounts. Yeaps, the proof is that 47% of buyers will buy only discounted items and as many as 62% will also look for items that are specifically sold.


17. Make a website faster

In fact, there are a lot of losses that will be obtained when the website is slow? Yep, as many as 51% of buyers will leave the website when the loading is slow. As many as 47% of website visitors expect a website loading time of only 2 seconds. And what’s worse, 1 second delay = 7% loss in sales. Just imagine losing 7% sales just because of a 1 second website delay, then what if the delay occurs more than 1 second? How many sales will be lost? Of course we all don’t want this to happen, do we? By increasing the speed of the website, you can increase your business sales. To overcome this, you can employ AXEL ROBOT on the website You start now. This robot will make your website 10x faster. You seem to have a special programmer to optimize the speed of your website, and the monthly salary is very affordable. Curious about how this AXEL Robot works? Learn more only on the BEON ACCELERATOR WEB.