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Hi friends, did you know that the biggest technology exhibition in Indonesia Indocomtech 2019 has officially opened. This event will take place at the Jakara Convention Center, from October 30 to November 3, 2019.

The 27th Indocomtech performance was held in collaboration between the International Exhibition Tray and the APKOMINDO Indonesia Foundation (YAI). Interestingly, this exhibition was attended by more than 250 technology companies from within and outside the country.

This year, the Indocomtech event is not just a place to show off and sell, but as a media for public education. Various seminars, talk shows, and business matching were presented. Including the Omen Challenge Series games competition which invites 12 countries throughout Asia Pacifico from HP Indonesia and there will be a National ICT Olympiad from PGRI.

Want to know how the festivities are Indocomtech 2019? Don’t worry, friend, there will be information that will make you interested in coming to this exhibition. So, what is in this exhibition and what is the atmosphere like? Let’s see the information

Indocomtech Review 2019

Gaming exhibition indocomtech 2019
Gaming exhibition indocomtech 2019

The presence of 250 domestic and foreign technology companies will make this event very interesting. There will be lots of latest gadgets and technology that will be exhibited at this event. Guaranteed, for those of you who come to this event you will not be disappointed, and of course you will lose track of time when you start trying the product demo.


miss there will be a tournament gaming OMEN Challenger Series 2019 with CS:GO games to be competed, and this tournament is organized by HP Inc. You can also visit the Esports Exhibition which allows visitors to get their own experience in playing a number of games.


year’s exhibition is a little different and certainly more interesting than the previous year. In accordance with the theme “Never Stop Exploring” there will be seminars, talk shows, and business matching about today’s technology as a means of education for visitors.

Many Various Discounts

Calm down, friend, For those who are looking for gadgets, you can come to this exhibition. Besides you can try the product demo, you can also buy the product at a cheaper price. Not only cheaper, there will be lots of discounts and cashback that you can get if you buy gadgets at Indocomtech 2019 event.

Erafone booth in Indocomtech 2019
id="caption-attachment-47883" class="wp-caption-text">Discount Promo from Erafone

Therefore, friends, prepare a budget to be able to buy gadgets at low prices. Well, one of the booths is from Erafone. Erafone provides lots of discount promos, cashback to flashsale. Erafone even issued a warehouse cleaning program with a special discount of up to 75%. This warehouse wash is devoted to ex-display and ex-service phones.

It’s not only the Erafone booth that provides low prices on the products sold, but almost all booths provide interesting things when visiting their booth. There will also be door prize coupons with very attractive prizes for friends who make a minimum purchase of IDR 500,000, and this applies to multiples.

Targeting 200K Visitors

Opening Indocomtech 2019
id="caption-attachment-47887" class="wp-caption-text">Opening Indocomtech 2019

This year the organizers are targeting 200,000 visitors. With the attendance of 250 companies, the organizers believe that the visitor target can be achieved, and they are even optimistic that the target will be exceeded.

Last year, this exhibition recorded transactions of Rp. 639 billion with a total visitor of more than 185,000 people. The organizer hopes that Indocomtech 2019 will see an increase in both the number of visitors and the value of transactions.

How are you, friend, Interested to come to Indocomtech 2019 event? Event ticket price Indocomtech 2019 IDR 25,000 for Wednesday and Thursday, while on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the entrance ticket is IDR 35,000 per person.

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