Indofood Products that are Popular Abroad

Indofood Products that are Popular Abroad

It’s no secret that Indomie is one of the most popular Indofood products abroad. Eating real instant noodles produced from Indonesia is included in the LA Times’ list of the best ramen. Some time ago, these 2 indomie products produced by PT Indofood managed to become the 10 best instant ramen in the world.

Two Indomie products that won the title of being the world’s best ramen according to the LA Times version, the first is Fried Indomie which occupies the 10th position. And the second Indomie product is Indomie BBQ Chicken which managed to rank first for the most delicious instant ramen in the world.

From the achievement of this phenomenon, here are some facts we summarize from Indomie which is very popular abroad.

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1. Indomie has been around for decades

The presence of Indomie can indeed be said to be very legendary because it is popular and famous because it has been around for a long time in Indonesia. It is known that Indomie was first produced since the 1970s and was marketed to the general public in 1972 and has continued until now and has even penetrated the international market. Not only reaching the international market, Indomie has become the most favorite instant noodle and is liked by people abroad.

2. Indomie is the second staple food in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Indomie is the second staple food after rice. This is because the taste of Indomie noodles is very delicious, easy to make and low in price. At a time when the price of rice increased drastically in Nigeria, Indomie became one of the Nigerians’ choice of staple food.

3. There is a stall that specializes in Indomie and is successful in Nigeria

With the popularity of Indomie, there are even stalls that specifically sell Indomie dishes that have been given various innovations in the form of several additional spices. Aboki is the name of an indomie shop that serves Indomie using secret spices and other complementary ingredients. There have even been rumors that the Aboki stall is able to pocket an income equivalent to a value of hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah in 1 day.

4. The Nigerian river wayang is also a foreigner who likes to eat Indomie

It turns out that Indonesia is also very popular with people in other countries besides Nigeria. Like people in America to the European continent, they are also known to always hunt for Indomie every time they shop at the nearest supermarket. Although the price of Indomie is not as cheap as in Indonesia, the noodles produced by PT Indofood abroad are still very popular.

5. Indomie has around 50 flavors

Because it has been produced since the 1970s, now you can find a variety of Indomie products with a variety of flavors. In fact, Indomie used to only have two flavor variants, namely Indomie with chicken curry flavor and Indomie with prawn juice.

6. Indomie has received many awards

Indomie is not only famous for its taste that is liked by many people, Indomie has also received a number of awards. In fact, starting from 2001 to 2019 alone, Indomie has received more than 15 awards. Among the awards that have been won are: Gold Champions on Pouch Noodles Category in 2015, as well as Indomie Best Brand Awards in 2014 and many more.

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Those are Indofood products that are very popular abroad. May be useful!

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