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Who is not interested?. Advertise is one of the obligations that must be carried out by business people. Indonesian Quality Cheap Effective Internet Advertising The solution, especially those who have a great desire to be able to reap success. If you don’tadvertisementhow can people know with our products…Nice, right?

Well actually it’s late at night already at 1 AM Exactly July 2 2012, tomorrow it’s time to work at 7. But, when I was browsing on the internet it turned out that there was media advertisement which I think deserves my article. Curious Media Advertisement What? this is a medium advertisement internet based. her name SITTIAs a business person, you must be immediately curious when you hear the word advertisement.

As Cheap Internet Advertising which Effective Quality in Indonesia and a place to put Advertisement for advertisers, SITTI also provides an opportunity for publishers or blog or website owners to work together. The working system is that the Publisher becomes a member first, then will get a script to be placed on the web. Certainly not a most PPC system, SITTI

Applying Pay when ADVERTISEMENT on Click. So that Advertisers don’t need to hesitate anymore to install Advertisementbecause in this system all are equally profitable.


Here’s a screenshot of the page:


If the image is not clear, click on it to enlarge.

So, here I will show you what the advantages of advertising on SITTI 359 are. Check it out.


SITTI 359, advertisers don’t need to be afraid and worried anymore because the advantages of SITTI 359 will answer your doubts.

When I visited the SITTI website, I found writings

Beradvertisement with Rp 100,000, – can advertise to 50 million people. I was immediately surprised, if you think about it, how is it possible that only at such a cost can you make money?advertisement

to 50 million people.

Then because I was curious, I immediately read more, what the actual system is. The system is as follows:

Free Ad Impression

This means you don’t have to pay if people who are interested in your product don’t click advertisement.

Flexible Budget

That means whatever your budget, Advertisement can go live and generate sales.

Easy to Calculate Conversions

That is, you can see a complete report of how much you spent, how many people were interested and how many people clicked advertisement you.

Contextual and Relevant

This means that your ad will only appear to people who have an interest in it, if it is in business language according to the target.


reach is also wide throughout Indonesia

Advertisements Use Indonesian because the Target Ads is the Indonesian Market.


This means that you are free to determine in which city your ad will be shown. At least advertising with that target market is more effective.

Easy to operate

This means that you can easily create your own AD.

Ads can be monitored at any time

Advertisements compete with popular Products.

and what is more a climax in the advantages offered SITTI 359 this is the Automation of keyword searches on a blog that is registered as a publisher. So that ads like the advantages above, namely ads can be right on target.

Now, after seeing the advantages offered by advertising on SITTI 359Because it’s a mission SITTI as best advertising site That’s absolutely true, and I thought about spreading this info. One of them is through my favorite website. with some of the advantages above SITTI indeed very Relevant and Targeting especially the costs incurred are cheap to advertise on SITTI.
Cheap effective internet advertising with Indonesian quality“It fits the motto.

Sorry, the description was for the Advertiser, now I will describe it for the Blogger/Publisher,

At Sitti you don’t have to worry if your income doesn’t Payoutyou will definitely earn. Sitti this provides a guarantee to publishers “Surely you can match the income listed on the account. And that’s it, friend, paid every month to your account. So don’t be afraid to work with SITTI. Another advantage, you can also see in detail your income from impression records to how many people have clicked. And the great thing is, you don’t need to go through the trouble of translating your blog into English, because it’s here Sitti very receptive to Indonesian blogs in Indonesian. and also the ads that appear on your blog in accordance with the contents of your blog. So it’s not a problem right?

I also have a SITTI Zen publisher account

Oh yes, I forgot a little, before ending this article. There is little explanation. for SITTI ADVERTISER known as SITTI 359whereas for SITTI PUBLISHER known as SITTI Zen.

We can visit to start trying Indonesian Quality Cheap Effective Internet Advertising

Pretty clear isn’t it? if it’s not clear or there are criticisms and suggestions, you can directly comment below… See you, I’ll sleep first… I’ll work later….


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