Inspiration for a Small House with Green Shades that is Comfortable and Beautiful

A small house if it can be arranged properly, the selection of the right furniture and the right paint color can produce a comfortable, beautiful house, pleasing to the eye and of course that will definitely make the occupants feel at home in the house. Moreover, if we are just able to buy simple type housing such as subsidized housing or RSS with land area between 60m2 to 72 m2, of course we need proper planning to get a comfortable house.

As an example of a minimalist home design that we discuss this time, a house with a dominant green color on the inside and for the exterior paint a combination of yellow, white and gray lists. The white painted fence makes the house look clean combined with beige natural stone.

The front of the house is divided in two, half for the garage and partly used for relaxing seats with iron chairs and also meet a stationary bike to just burn fat. In front of the chairs to make the terrace look green, a small garden is made with a grass motif carpet and a fish pond. Plants are planted in pots that are neatly arranged next to the fish pond.


living room is dominantly green, with light green wall paint decorated with calligraphy with gold frames. The sofa is dark green and combined with a white table so that it looks contrast. Cream-colored carpet makes the living room more cool and colorful.
This house separates the living room and family room. Where the living room sofa is gray with wall paint in the same color as the living room paint. Even though the kitchen is small, with the right arrangement, this room looks cool with a white kitchen set and a minimalist wooden dining table.


master bedroom combination of green and cream wall paint combined with gray sheets and bed covers makes this bedroom warm and comfortable. How do you already have an idea about your home design? Hopefully this information from us can inspire and for those of you who don’t have a house to be given the ease of sustenance and can immediately realize a dream home for your beloved family.

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