Inspiration for an Open Kitchen that is Free from the Smoke of Cooking

The current open space model is often chosen by those who have a minimalist home. This concept does make the residence feel wider and wider. One part of the room that is often made with an open concept is the kitchen. Usually, the open kitchen design is made without a partition and blends with the living room or family room.

Usually this open kitchen design is applied by many cafes in Indonesia. However, it doesn’t hurt if you practice this open kitchen design in your dream home. This open kitchen design will give a unique and spacious impression on your kitchen.

You can mix this open kitchen design with other rooms. For example, mixing a minimalist kitchen design concept with a family dining room, or an open corridor behind the house. Not only that, you can place an open kitchen design adjacent to the living room or family room. Use a partition in the form of a glass cubicle or a variety of certain pieces of furniture.

However, what if the open kitchen design is located behind the house? Yes, you didn’t read it wrong! The open kitchen design can not only be applied to the kitchen which is located in the center of the house, but also at the back, which blends with the garden.


open kitchen is designed to blend with the yard outside the house. Without any room dividers, this open kitchen design is very natural and feels at one with nature. The use of natural materials also makes this outdoor concept open kitchen design really a part of relaxing activities in the garden behind the house.

An outdoor kitchen accompanied by a beautiful and beautiful natural view of the yard will also make the atmosphere of cooking activities more fun and more special of course. This semi-outdoor open kitchen design certainly has good air circulation. So you don’t need to be afraid of stuffy and unpleasant smells produced by the kitchen.


last advantage that you will have by using this open kitchen design is that there are more things that you can place and store in the kitchen. This way, you no longer need to bother with the many cooking utensils you have.

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