Inspiration of Modern Hijab Models from Artists

You must be bored if your hijab is that newfangled. You need something new and fresh to stay confident in dressing. The following are examples of artist-style modern hijab models that can inspire and enrich your hijab fashion creations.

As the world develops fashion Muslim women, modern hijab models are increasingly diverse. If you are confused in choosing the right model, reading the following article might be able to help you a little in choosing the hijab today.

Artists have an important role in influencing the audience. Therefore, what the artist wears is likely to be imitated by people. Especially for people who are very concerned about their appearance.

Likewise with the hijab style of clothing. The shape or model of the veil used by veiled artists must be the spotlight of Muslim women.

The following are some views of the modern hijab models from the artists. Hopefully it can inspire you to look attractive while still covering your genitals. Be a cool Muslimah, okay!

1. Dian Pelangi’s Beautiful Turban

Source: Instagram – dianpelangi

For women who wear the hijab, the name Dian Pelangi is already familiar to the ears. Dian Pelangi is the name of a trendy young woman whose full name is Dian Wahyu Utami. The name was also used as the name of his Muslim fashion boutique.

His success in marketing modern hijab models has certainly gone through a hard and passionate struggle. She is a graduate of a Vocational High School majoring in fashion in Pekalongan. After graduating, he had the opportunity to continue his studies at cole supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD).

Even though she is a young woman, her actions in the world of Muslim fashion are extraordinary. The woman who was born on January 14, 1991 also had time to participate in the event fashion show in Melbourne in 2009.

No wonder the clothes he wears are very fashionable. One of them is his appearance with a contemporary turban style hijab like in the picture above. He looks fashionable but still closed and Islamic.

Not only turbans, there are still many modern hijab models that he has designed and introduced to the fashion world. Starting from the latest rectangular hijab models to syar’i hijab models for teenagers.

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2. Gita Savitri’s Casual Style

Source: Instagram – gitasav

The use of the hijab is not only associated with parents’ clothing habits. In today’s era, children from school age to young women are used to wearing clothes that cover their aurat.

Therefore, there are also many modern hijab models that are liked by both young people. The models also follow the trend of clothing that is currently popular.

If you are a person who likes casual styles, don’t worry first. You can still wear a hijab in a casual style to be more comfortable in your activities outdoor. The example is outfit Gita Savitri in the photo above.

She wears a rectangular hijab model that simple paired with a long cardigan. What makes it more casual is the use of sneakers or sneakers. Gita’s style of dress is perfect for you to imitate while on vacation or traveling.

3. Ayana Jihye

Source: Instagram – xolovelyayana

You would not have thought that this beautiful woman dressed in Muslim clothing is a South Korean woman. Yes, Ayana Jihye became a byword for netizens after converting to Islam and starting to wear the hijab since 2015.

Not only being a convert, he even studied Islam at the Islamic University of Malaysia. This woman who was born on December 28, 1995 often uploads her photo wearing a modern hijab model on Instagram. This is what makes him become viral in cyberspace.

The way Ayana dresses proves that wearing a hijab will not reduce the level of your beauty. Instead, it will bring out its own beauty with Muslim clothing.

So don’t feel inferior to appear with your hijab. You can use Ayana’s styles on her Instagram account as inspiration in Muslim dress.

4. Ria Ricis Muslim Teen Idol

Source: Instagram – riaricis1795

Among the modern hijab models that are popular in Indonesia, instant hijab models are also widely sought after. This is because how to put it on and take it off is easy and very fast.

Some say that the instant hijab is less fashionable when compared to other modern hijab models. Don’t get me wrong, as the world of Islamic fashion develops, there are also many new instant hijab models emerging. One example is the one used by Ria Ricis in the photo above.

Ria Ricis is celebgram Her full name is Ria Yunita. He is the second sister of Oki Setiana Dewi. If you want to wear a syar’i hijab model that is still cool, you can use Ria Ricis’s fashion style as inspiration.

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5. Calm and Trendy Natasha Rizki

Source: Instagram – natasharizkynew

One more sweet artist who can be an inspiration in wearing a hijab, she is Natasha Rizki. Even though she wears Muslim clothing, her style is still fashionable and contemporary.

Wife from presenter television, this Desta looks young even though she already has two children. Besides having a cute face, the way he dresses is also cute. He combines the hijab with today’s robes and sneakers so that it appears casual.

At first, Natasha’s desire to veil was not supported by her husband. The reason is because Desta is worried that Natasha will not be able to keep her commitment to wearing the hijab. However, Natasha’s determination to wear a headscarf was determined to convince Desta’s heart.

We hope that Natasha Rizki’s sincerity can be used as motivation to join the hijab. Don’t hesitate and worry, you can still look casual and attractive with models that are typical of young people.

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More Cool with the Modern Hijab Models

Thus the inspiration for the modern hijab model that you can imitate so that your appearance is more beautiful. Don’t forget to be more daring to modify and be creative so that your style is more trendy.

From now on, change your view of Muslim women’s clothing that seems old school. In fact, the artists above can look cool and cool with hijab clothing.

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