Inspiration of Various Brocade Kebaya Models to Look Skinny

In Indonesia, wearing various models of brocade kebaya for some official events. However, it could be that you feel inferior because you are worried that it will look too full. In fact, there are some tips that can keep you looking slim when wearing a brocade kebaya, you know! What are the tips? Check the following article, come on!

Many people are afraid to wear various models of brocade kebaya for fear of looking full. Even though there are some tips that you can use to keep your body looking slim when wearing a kebaya. As in the following article.

For those of you who have a full body, of course you often feel inferior because you can’t just wear various models of brocade kebaya. In fact, some of you may feel that you will never be able to wear a brocade kebaya.

Even though there are some events that look more polite if you wear these typical Indonesian clothes. Like your best friend’s wedding or graduation ceremony.

But did you know, there are various models of modified brocade kebaya that you can wear and make you look slimmer? There are even some tips that you can follow and make you look more fashionable and slim.

Want to know what are the tips for choosing various models of brocade kebaya so that you look slimmer? Check the article below right now, come on!

1. Use Attractive Colors

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The first tip when choosing various models of brocade kebaya is color selection. Don’t just dwell on white, black, or gold. You can also use bright colors like blue, red, green, and so on.

Dare to play with bright colors can also make your appearance look more attractive. You can also use various models of French brocade kebaya which usually have bright and striking colors. Even though your body is quite full though, you can still appear confident.

Combining various models of black brocade kebaya with bright colors can also be an option. Because these colors can create an illusion for every eye that sees. Your body can appear slimmer.

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2. Choose the Right Size

An important point that should not be forgotten is choosing various models of brocade kebaya with the right size. Because of course it is not a wise thing if you choose one that is too large or even too narrow.

Especially if you use various models of brocade tile kebaya. Wearing the right size, not too loose, and not too narrow will make your appearance more attractive. Even your body can seem slimmer.

To make sure the size fits your body, it would be better if you sew the traditional clothes yourself at your regular tailor. But if you’ve been sewing it for a long time, don’t forget to try it first before using it to attend an event. Because it’s not funny right, if suddenly the clothes aren’t enough anymore?

But if you buy it from a store, make sure to always try it before deciding to buy. Don’t let it look too loose or too narrow.

3. Use Soft and Comfortable Materials

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The next tip that you need to take note of when choosing various models of modern brocade kebaya is the material of manufacture. Try to always choose a fabric that is soft and not stiff, such as the satin tile brocade kebaya model.

This is an important tactic to make your body appear slimmer. Because the material is soft and not stiff, it will fall more on your body and not seem stiff.

The materials used to make various models of today’s brocade kebaya can also be combined with small sequins. The sequins will make the clothes you wear look more attractive and elegant.

However, for the record, don’t add too much sequins on your kebaya. Excessive use of sequins will make your kebaya look fuller and heavier.

4. Mix and match with Batik Bottoms

For subordinates, in order to display a simple but luxurious kebaya model, you can mix and match it with a batik-patterned skirt. Depending on what occasion you wear your kebaya, you can be flexible in wearing long or short skirts.

The combination of brocade kebaya fabric with batik motifs is claimed to be able to create a balanced synergy. Until finally it will make anyone who wears it have a very elegant and confident appearance.

To add a singset impression, choose a soft batik motif and the color is not too flashy. Then avoid the shape of a mermaid skirt, because this shape will actually give the impression that the lower part of the body looks bigger. Your intention to appear slimmer will not be realized if that is the case.

5. Use Models with Short Sleeves

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If you have arms that are large enough, there is one tip you can use to keep them looking smaller. The trick is to use various models of modern brocade kebaya with short sleeves.

Because forcing to use a long-sleeved brocade kebaya model will make your arms look tight. In the end, instead of looking skinny, you accentuate your chubby arms even more.

If you are a Muslim woman with a hijab who also wants to look slim but still wear long sleeves, there is a way that you can use to get around that. The trick is to use a brocade type that is shaped like a cape so that it can cover your arm.

6. Choose a Small Motif

The choice of model based on the motif is also quite influential on your appearance. For more optimal results, it would be better if you use brocade fabric that doesn’t have too weird motifs.

But if forced, choose a model that has a small motif. Because the small motif can make you look slimmer. While a large motif will make your body look fuller.

7. V Collar

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In addition to some of the tips above, one way to make your body look slimmer is to wear a v-collar shape. This neckline will make your neck look longer and taller.

This collar shape, which is also known as a v-neck, has an open neckline and draws attention to the lower chest. So that it can avoid eyes from the round face or neck that is too full.

The v-shaped neckline can also create two different impressions. A wide v-neck can accentuate the shape of a smaller waist, while an open v-neck can make the view focus on a slender neck and a fuller chest.

8. Avoid Decorations in the Hip Area

This last tip is more emphasized for those of you who have large hips. This is because the addition of decoration along the waist area will make your hips look wider.

If you really want to wear accessories or decorations to support your appearance, focus on the chest and neck area. So that it will indirectly make other people’s attention will be directed to your chest or neck, not towards your hips.

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Look Trendy and Singset in Various Brocade Kebaya Models

Looking fashionable and slim is certainly the dream of every woman. However, the most important thing is that you must appear confident in your own appearance.

Whether your body shape is full or thin, you have the right to appear confident. Well, some of the tips that you can find in this article certainly have hope so that you can appear confidently.

So how? Is this article enough to inspire you to look slim in various brocade kebaya models? Hopefully this article can help you, yes!

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