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From the Kerujuk Ecotourism Village near Bangsal Harbor, I directed the car to the north again. About half an hour’s drive, I arrived at our next destination: Genggelang Village.

If the journey continues, then we will meet one of the entrances to Mount Rinjani, namely Senaru. People’s favorite route to climb Rinjani is up via Sembalun and down via Senaru. So you can stop by for a tour here after coming down from Mount Rinjani.

Genggelang Village is well known to the public as a place to enjoy nature comfortably with friends or family. Many spots to take pictures with natural panoramic backgrounds for you guys instagrammers.

Tourism in Genggelang Village is managed by the Genggelang Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group). If Kerujuk is the mainstay of tourism that is being intensified by the North Lombok government, Genggelang is still largely self-managed by local residents. Its construction also still relies on the proceeds from the sale of entrance tickets to tourist objects

Ganges Murmas Tree House

“This place used to be a place to look for phone signals. So people usually hang out here to have smooth internet,” said Puspa, one of the managers of the Ganges Tree House to me.

From the area of ​​the Ganges Tree House, we can see the beautiful panorama of Lombok Island. You can see dense tropical forests, hills that look like green rugs, villages, to the coastline of the north coast of Lombok in the distance.

The sound of a waterfall can also be heard in the background, because right in the valley below us, there is the Kerta Gangga waterfall which can also be accessed by walking ten minutes from the Ganges Tree House.

The Ganges Murmas Tree House is located in Gangga District, Genggelang Village, North Lombok. While the name Murmas itself is the name of the mountain where this tourist attraction is located.

There are dozens of tree houses with different shapes here. Starting from the shape of the Titanic, tower, birdhouses, to star shapes. You can use all of them to take pictures with beautiful backgrounds!

I don’t know why now there are so many tourist spots that have contemporary photo spots like this, but indeed a place like this is the main attraction. If I’m not mistaken, photo spots like this were first popularized by the Mangunan Fruit Garden in Jogja, which has a similar photo spot. People say it’s ‘instagram-able’.

What’s interesting about the Ganges Tree House are the boards that read funny things and make me laugh like: “It’s not time to get back with an ex”, “Beauty doesn’t have to be slim”, or “This is life, not Instagram, giving heart is not as easy as giving a like. “. Creative!

But make a note, each tree house has a different capacity for people. Some can only have one person, some can only have 3 people, some can only have 6 people. Please pay attention for safety, considering the location of this tree house is really directly adjacent to the ravine.

Kerta Gangga Waterfall

This waterfall is in the same area as the Ganges Tree House. We just need to go down the path that has been provided to get to the Kerta Ganga waterfall below. About 10 minutes walk, we arrived in front of the waterfall.

“The water debit is heavy because of the rainy season,” said Puspa.

You can see the water is a bit brownish and splashes of water that reach us, which is a few meters from the side of the waterfall. I was invited to walk to the back of the waterfall. In fact, the waterfall has branches.

This one is a bit hidden. We had to cross an iron bridge and climb a little over the rocks to get to the other side. Because the currents of the water are heavy so the rocks are not too visible, you have to be careful where you stand.

When successfully ascended, the hidden waterfall was only visible. Beautiful right. He was behind a fairly high cliff. Some local tourists enjoy swimming and jumping from the top of the cliff. I’m just taking pictures hehe.

There are also two tourists from Germany who happened to be traveling here. Because she was beautiful, I asked her to be an impromptu model.

“Do you mind if you sit over there and I took your photo for instagram?” I said, mode.

“Sure, with pleasure!” said this German tourist named Ida. I also took a picture of Ms. Ida with the background of this Kerta Gangga waterfall. The results can be seen on my Instagram hehe.

Seven natural pools of Tiu Pituq

From the Ganges Falls we continued down the hills. So there was an intersection when we came down from the Tree House. One goes to Kerta Gangga Waterfall, the other goes to Tiu Pituq.

Many waterfalls in Lombok are named “Tiu”, you can say the most famous is Tiu Kelep Waterfall at the foot of Mount Rinjani. In the Sasak language, “Tiu” means pond “Pituq” means seven.

Indeed, there are seven natural pools that are terraced in Tiu Pituq. Each has its own waterfall. If the water discharge is normal, we can swim in this pool.

Besides swimming, at Tiu Pituq, of course, we will also be accompanied by the sound of splashing water, the shade of shady trees, views of steep cliffs, and of course… selfie photo spots!

Yes, not to be outdone by the Ganges Tree House, Tiu Pituq also has a selfie photo spot. In fact, it’s even more ‘weird’ where the photos are. There is a heart-shaped spot with the name ‘lope-lope’, and there is a butterfly-shaped one.

What else is around Genggelang Village?

In this village I visited several other interesting places such as this durian tree. Yes, because it’s durian season, lots of durians are bearing fruit like this. Btw, if the durian season in Lombok is around February – March. Just waiting for it to fall!

What I am amazed at from this genggelang village is that almost every yard of the house has a fruit tree. Whether just chili, rambutan, avocado, even durian!

Coffee plants also adorn the village gardens. The coffee is robusta because Genggelang is still lowland. The bitter taste is very strong but the after taste is soft. Suitable if you add a little sweetened condensed milk. Typical of my favorite village coffee.

Gangga 77 coffee, one of the coffees produced by the Genggelang Village garden

There is something else that is interesting to be a souvenir. His name is Bamboo Coffee. Anton Zizan, one of the tourist guides who is good at carving, turns out to have his own product. He obtained coffee beans from the same garden from Ganga 77 coffee, and processed them himself to become coffee beans or powder.

It didn’t stop there, he also packed coffee with painted bamboo and then carved it like this. The engraving depends on what kind of order we want, but Anton will continue to add a typical Lombok motif, which is usually a leaf.

Usually before sending guests he offers these gifts. Then when guests were busy swimming in the waterfall, he carved bamboo into interesting carvings. Guests who are usually foreign tourists are also very happy with personalized souvenirs like this.

“The small price is only 50 thousand. But sometimes when Caucasians are happy, they can give tips many times over,” said Anton to me. You can directly contact Anton Zizan (@antonzizan)

Gecko and leaf motif.

Anyway, it turns out that lombok is not just a beach huh? There are still many unique tourist attractions that we can explore, such as the Tree House, Kerta Gangga Waterfall, and Tiu Pituq.

So, if you go to Lombok, don’t just go to Gili Trawangan, haha. Let’s take your partner or family on a trip to Genggelang!

*Watch the vlog version here too!

Contact :

Tiu Pituq
Abid Jati (humas Tiu Pituq)
Desa Genggelang
Kecamatan Gangga
Kab Lombok Utara

Rumah Pohon Gangga Murmas 
Puspawadi (Ketua Pokdarwis Rumah Pohon Gangga Murmas)
Desa Genggelang
Kecamatan Gangga
Kab Lombok Utara

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