Instagram’s Latest Algorithm 2018 Applies, What are the Updates?

Starting to become a giant social media app in 2015 until this year, Instagram is increasingly sticking its claws not only as a platform to spread status, hobbies and business. What’s unique is that for business people, Instagram is still a mystery because the latest Instagram algorithm is technically for many people relatively difficult to solve.

But even though it seems unbreakable, in fact Instagram for industry players can still make programs and sales even bigger. It’s just that through The Pidgeon Letters it is stated that the Instagram algorithm will be updated to navigate 2018. But you need to know that there is a disclaimer which states that Instagram will make an update, it is still an issue and has not been fixed. Well, Friend Jagoan, let’s look at some potential that can be an update point.

  • Algorithm

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Instagram’s latest algorithm allows you to only get exposure from 10 percent of your followers. Unlike the algorithm of previous years which will continue to expose your posts to almost all followers, at least there must be good engagement from one post to be able to engage all of your followers. The issue that is circulating is that to increase exposure for the better is to upgrade the account to a business immediately.

  • Engagement

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Interactions that occur between account owners and followers will be increasingly required to keep the feed clean. Interactions that are not properly maintained by the account owner will make it sink quickly. If there is no response, either a like, or a reply in less than 60 minutes, it will disappear from the feed. Engagement is an Instagram algorithm update that will further encourage the existence of stories to be even more optimized by account owners, pal! Don’t spamming or ‘bombing’ comments that contain smileys, short words like ‘nice’ over and over again. This will make Instagram’s latest algorithm recognize it as trash.

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  • Caption

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Hashtags written in the caption become a kind of weapon for many business account owners to attract as many interactions as possible. The lightest of course get as many likes as possible. Either from followers, or from people who view the feed through the hashtag search feature. From now on, reduce hashtags, because shadow banning might haunt your account. Indeed hashtags can reach up to 30 pieces, but using the same hashtag will make the post potentially spam reported. Don’t do Piggyback, aka delete and then repost existing photos, these activities must start to be reduced.

  • Feature

    Instagram's newest algorithm
    Instagram’s newest algorithm Illustration: WCCFtech

Pidgeon Letters mentions that Instagram’s new algorithm will allow its users to not only follow accounts, but also hashtags. Which is, it seems to be a little late. Because remembering in 2017, Tumblr already did it for following hashtags. For pals, congratulations on adjusting to your Instagram needs!

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