Instead of thinking about the former, it’s better to think about the thesis, right? – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who really likes to make fun chats with you. Of course, everything can’t be separated from the phrase ‘thesis’. This Clotehan Mimin dedicates to those of you who are unable to move on from their lover, until they forget the thesis. How pathetic!

In the world of campus, thesis has always been part of the burden on students, not many of them have given up hope of pursuing a bachelor’s degree because of problems with the thesis that has not been completed. In addition, they are also delayed because the thesis has many internal obstacles that prevent it from being done, one of which is too much love for the ex who finally forgets hope. Pity!

For Mimin, natural phenomena like this are not fun to be made a joke, but more fun to be taken seriously. Because why? Because this is an ex-boss, not a boyfriend. How can it be like that. Could his ex be like Kim Jong Hyun? Or similar to Reza Rahadian? To the point of being carried away with unfinished thesis assignments. I don’t know, instead of being blasphemed by netizens who are busy, Mimin just ‘obeys’.

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The Ex is Gone, Yes Hope That Must Be Forgotten

Illustration of student sadness (Photo: Bobox)

Mimin as an observer of people who can’t move on feels sorry for her when she sees she’s always gloomy and spends her time with useless things. Moreover, they feel longing, dear, but unfortunately the girlfriend has disappeared. The mood to work on the thesis finally dissipated everywhere.

The days they used to spend brightly were cloudy, the rainbow that usually appeared from their boyfriend’s smile was now just tears. I don’t know, Mimin wants to make how many lines of poetry to entertain the confusion. But, Mimin still hopes, it’s better to do the thesis and forget about your ex.

The former will certainly be an obstacle if we are silent in our hearts and memories. You can forget everything with firm action and strong commitment. Where you can overcome this by committing to doing a good thesis.

Be a human being who can be strong in holding on to principles, not trapped in heartache because you can’t move on. You can do that starting today.

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Instead of thinking about the former, it’s better to think about the thesis, right?

That’s a review about how many people can’t move on from their ex, eventually the thesis is abandoned and has no good direction.

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