Interested in Owning a Flower Selling Business? Get Inspired From These Reviews

If you have an idea to start a flower selling business, then you are lucky because you have chosen a business that has a wide market.

The wider the market of a business, the more profit it will get from there. Moreover, if later you can choose the right business location so that there are fewer competitors, the greater the profits that can be obtained.

Starting a flower selling business is actually not difficult, it’s just that there will still be efforts made at the beginning. Businesses such as looking for flower suppliers, looking for accessories, adding insight, and willing to spend capital.

Everything that must be prepared to start a flower selling business will be discussed. Previously, there will be information on several types of flower businesses that can add to your inspiration.

Then proceed with a table that contains an estimated profit that can be obtained by running this business.

Starting from selling flowers in the form of flower bouquets or ikay flowers to plastic flowers, everything on the following list can be used as inspiration. That’s right, flower businesses don’t just have to sell fresh flowers.

style="text-align: justify;">Plastic flowers can also be offered and can still provide benefits, because nowadays many people are also looking for fake flowers to provide freshness in the room without having to take care of them. Just take a look at some of the following types of flower selling businesses.

1. Bouquet of Flowers and Bunch of Flowers

Starting with the business of tie flowers or what has another name for a flower bouquet. It can be said that this type of business is the most in demand.

style="text-align: justify;">Besides having a very broad market, the concept of giving this item for a celebration is also a trend.

Moreover, these floral products can be obtained with any budget. Starting from 20 thousand to hundreds of thousands of rupiah the price.

style="text-align: justify;">If it is true that the business you choose is this flower bouquet, then you must determine the target market.

Will this flower business be branded as luxuriously as possible so that the target is the upper middle class, or is it comprehensive for any class.

What should be prepared in moderation, such as fresh flowers, accessories, business space, to marketing strategies such as special social media.

Interested in having a flower selling business, get inspiration from these reviews

2. Flower Board (Wreath)

The next option is plank flowers. Both are needed, but will be rarer than a bouquet or bunch of flowers.

Even so, once there is an order for a bouquet of flowers, the profits can be even greater. The one-time advantage of ordering a bouquet of flowers is greater than the profit of one-time order of a bunch of flowers.

style="text-align: justify;">The preparation for running this flower business is more. From the raw materials alone more, there must be boards, wood, bamboo, and others. Also required means of transportation, such as pick ups for example.

The target market for flower bouquets is usually anyone, but the majority of them are important people or those who have many relationships.

Because flower bouquets are usually ordered to congratulate someone on a new business, congratulate someone on their wedding, or offer condolences to a deceased person.

Like tie flowers, flower bouquets are also offered at various prices depending on the order. For now, the price of the cheapest flower bouquets with medium sizes is around 500 to 600 thousand rupiahs. There are bouquets of flowers that are ordered in such a way that they have a price of millions of rupiah.

3. Flowers for Grave Pilgrimage

Next is the business of selling flowers for grave pilgrimages. Always needed, and this business will not fade.

style="text-align: justify;">In fact, the benefits can also be calculated large. Compared to all the types of businesses mentioned in this list, this business requires almost no skills at all.

You only need to buy sow flowers wholesale, then stand by around the cemetery to sell them.

The risk is loss because no one makes a pilgrimage. However, even so, it is still not too much of a loss because the capital required is not much.

4. Plastic flower

The last is a business that sells plastic flowers. Offices, photo studios, homes, and several other types of rooms will need fake flowers more than real flowers.

Those who have it will still get a beautiful view, but there is no need to provide extra care. No need to water, fertilize, remove, and so on.

Interested in having a flower selling business, get inspiration from these reviews

Whatever type of flower selling business you choose later, there are preparations that are general in nature to know. Here are some to prepare.

1. Strategic Business Location

The location or business space is a must-have, regardless of the type of business you have chosen. Strategic locations to sell bunches of flowers can be around the campus area, to sell flower boards or bouquets can be around urban areas so they are easy to find, as well as plastic flowers and sow flowers.

Choosing it is still adjusted to the budget, don’t force the existing capital to choose this location. Because later you have to capital again for the interest sold.

2. Fresh Flower Supplier

The next preparation is a supplier of fresh flowers. You can start by looking for a supplier who can best offer low prices and really want to come to your shop every day to deliver flowers.

3. Special Flower Containers

Must have containers specifically for flowers as stock. Including selling sow flowers, you will still need a special container so that the flowers are always in good condition so that they attract attention.

Also for selling plastic flowers, the right shelves and arrangement will help you attract the purchasing power of potential customers.

4. Outlook

Having a business selling flowers will make you learn, learn how to arrange flowers, how to attract customers’ attention, to how to market it.

Unless you’re hiring to be a florist, to be on a marketing team, etc., there’s no need to learn.

Even to sell sow flowers, there are still things that should be studied, knowing the funeral times are crowded with pilgrims, for example.

Capital and Profit Calculation Table

Below is a table that contains a calculation of the estimated profit that can be obtained by running a business selling flowers.

The type of business chosen is the flower bouquet and flower arrangement business, which has the widest target market.

Yes, as discussed earlier, this type of business will give you a market for college children, school children, the general public, to workers. Anyone could potentially need it.

Interested in having a flower selling business, get inspiration from these reviews

Because the bouquet and tie flower business requires several types of flowers at once, the table contains 4 different types of flowers that have a luxurious impression.

The target market of the calculation table above is the upper middle class, so it requires flowers such as hydrangeas, tulips, and sunflowers.

In the table, an example is made that in one day this flower selling business can sell 5 bunches of flowers. With one bunch will contain about 7 roses, 1 sunflower, 1 tulip, 1 hydrangea flower, and decorated with trees. Then wrapped with plastic and special paper, and tied with a ribbon.

The capital needed to buy flowers from suppliers, rent a business space for one day, and accessories is IDR 458,000.

With the selling price of interest per bunch of Rp. 120,000, in one day you can get a profit of around Rp. 142,000. The greater the profit when the more interest is sold.

The business of selling flowers is a business that has a wide market. There are many types and each has its own target market.

Whatever type of flower business you choose later, all of them still give hope to be able to provide a large turnover.

With the preparation that you already know, so that you understand how much profit you can expect in one day, of course you will be better prepared to do business in the future.

At the beginning there may be challenges in opening this flower selling business, you can definitely get through it!