Interesting Inspiration: Home Designs Growing With a Low Budget Worth Emulating

As is known, the design of a growing house is one that is built in stages. From construction work to finishing end. So on this inspiration Interesting Inspiration: Home Designs Growing With a Low Budget Worth Emulating You can use it as a reference when you still have the cost of building a house that is not full or in other words it is still lacking.

Although it’s not like the finished house design in general, the room design is still attractive with an open plan concept for a spacious impression. To find out the detailed details, let’s review the following growing house design!

Minimalist house facade design

Facade view House grow up with finishing exposed cement looks unique and attractive. A solid and strong impression can be seen from the construction of the house, which has chosen a flat roof model for a modern and contemporary touch. If you have more costs in the future, you can end the exterior appearance of the house with neutral colors or striking colors that catch the eye. Also prepare a small land to make a mini garden so that the house will be fresher.

pool design next to the house

Even though House it still shows with finishing which makes use of exposed cement, the interesting side of this house can be seen from the swimming pool area next to the house. Made with an elongated size, the pool side of the house is directly adjacent to the interior so that the glass windows are chosen for a fresh and natural feel. Surrounded again with ornamental plants, you can make this area the best spot to relax on the weekend with your family.

Interesting room interior design without finishing

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Entering the interior Housethis inspirational home design is interesting from the part of the wall that is left without finishing interior paint. However, it still looks charming and feels cool thanks to the maximum use of home windows. Neatly arranged with the selection of pink shabby chic furniture, the interior of this house uses ceramic floors glossy

to add a modern feel. So you need to end the interior of this room with interesting decorations such as ornamental plants or artificial flowers that have many choices.

Living room design between rooms

The design of the family room which is between two spaces that makes this small hallway look attractive. Still equated the choice of industrial interior and exterior concepts with finishing exposed cement. Even though this family room is in the hallway House, you can listen to some of the discussions above where this room is adjacent to the pool of the house. So that the application of space windows is not accidental.

Minimalist kitchen design with modern mini bar

Though it must be said House growing,

the kitchen design in this house is still beautiful. Using an L-shaped kitchen table that adds a modern mini bar to the dining area. The attractive color of the kitchen interior, this cream nuance gives a neat effect, combined with an elegant black kitchen table. With a small kitchen size, this house still prioritizes the comfort of space by applying windows on each side.

Minimalist bathroom design with decorative wall tiles

The next important area in House grow this is the bathroom. The design is quite unique, the theme is chosen earthy tone with cream color walls and a decorative touch of ceramic mosaic motifs. Adequate bathroom facilities are displayed on the use of showers and toilet seats covered with floral stickers, which are more refreshing.

That’s an interesting inspiration for a growing house design that can be used as a reference when you still have a mini budget. Hopefully you can be rushed to have your own home with a design that suits you and is comfortably occupied. Amen


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