Is Husband An Ideal Business Partner? Find the Answer Here, Bun!


Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the dreams that women in Indonesia want to achieve. One of the reasons, according to research from LiMa Group Craft Enthusiast, is because women are better at managing finances.

Reported CNBC Indonesia, the social structure that ‘requires’ women to be able to manage the household, also supports this. If a man has always had to work hard, it is a woman who manages money so that she is very orderly, especially if her partner does not give enough money.

Then, if you decide to do business, who is the most ideal business partner? Is the answer husband? Maybe yes, maybe no. This was conveyed by Danang Baskoro as a Clinical Psychologist.

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“It depends on how we can understand each other and take advantage of each other’s strengths. But the partner should be the most appropriate person to be a business partner, because he is the closest person to us. There is no other interest than sincerely helping us,” said Danang in a joint correspondence. HiMother.

One of the mothers who chose her husband as her business partner was Tenny Daud as the owner of a diet catering business, CR Box Indonesia. Tenny and her husband, Dedy Haryadi, even set up several catering businesses at once and are counted as couplepreneur success.

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