Is it better to have a chat or read a book?


How to make a child talk fast is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, Bun. There must be stimulation that you give to trigger his brain to absorb and repeat the words.

In addition, do not believe in the myth that children fail to speak quickly because of their short bodies.stunting) due to malnutrition. It is said that the Pediatrician, dr. Meta Hanindita, Sp.A(K), not necessarily speech delay or speech delay is directly related to stunting.

“Is stunting associated with speech delay? It’s not necessarily the cause speech delay that’s a lot. But most often due to lack of stimulation, not because stunting or lack of nutrition,” said Meta in Hi Mother Live (IG Live) some time ago.

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Stimulation in question can be in the form of oral, picture, and written. Well, if you are asked which one will make your child talk quickly because they have a lot of vocabulary, then the answer is a combination of spoken and written.

Excerpted from the book The Red-Aloud Handbook, Reading Books Aloud Boosts Children’s Intelligence by Jim Trelease, oral sentences in conversations between mothers and children take place in simple sentences. In addition, the average conversation consists of five thousand words per day. Then there’s another five thousand words that we don’t use very often in conversation. So that a total of 10 thousand words are referred to as the General Lexicon.

So, if you and your little one don’t use these words often, where can you find them? Turns out it’s in the printed text, Bun.

Graphics of Hayes and Ahrens, Journal of Child Language, indicates that when you read a book (printed text) to your child, you will introduce them to words that are rarely used. This will be very helpful when school time or when formal learning arrives.

You need to know that we adults, on average, use nine rarely used words per thousand words when talking to three year olds. This number is three times more in children’s books, even seven times in newspapers.

So it is dangerous if you only rely on TV and videos from gadgets to trigger your child to talk. The reason is that in the two devices there is no speech stimulation to move the mouth and examples of words in written form.

“Children who watch TV a lot, listen to few words, and rarely find printed text at home (at risk) of facing enormous word gaps that hinder reading progress during school,” Trelease wrote in his book.

Reported Zero to Three The milestones that children must go through to talk are:

1. At 12-18 months of age:
– Begins to say their first words, but you and other close family members may be the only people who know what these words mean.
– Enjoys babbling more when you talk while pointing out familiar objects when you name them.

2. At the age of two:
– Enjoys naming everyday things, like ‘cat’ and ‘drink’
– Begins to understand and follow simple requests, such as ‘Give me your book’ or ‘Bye..’
– Starting to have problems with some sounds, for example they might say ‘Tomb’ when they meant to say ‘eat’.

3. At three years:
– Switch to simple sentences, such as ‘Where’s the cat?’
– Says words and sentences that most foreigners can begin to understand.
– Better understand most of what adults say.
– Start using pronouns (I, you, I, we, they) and some plurals.

Also watch the following video on how to solve it speech delay in children:



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