Is it necessary to separate a room with a COVID-19 positive baby like the Audi Marissa?

Jakarta – The case of COVID-19, especially the Omicron variant, which has recently risen again, is indeed felt by almost all circles, yes, Mother. Not only adults, but also children and even babies.

One of the mothers who is experiencing it is Audi Marissa and her husband and baby who were affected by COVID-19 some time ago, Mother. Audi, who is currently breastfeeding, is forced to sleep with her husband and child who are still positive.

Through Instagram StoriesAudi Marissa shows PCR results showing herself, Anthony Xie, and their baby, Anzel Maverick Xie exposed to COVID-19.

Audi Marissa also asked for prayers for his family’s recovery. “Please pray for me,” wrote the actress who played in the soap opera Son of Heaven.

Together with his family, Audi Marissa is also self-isolating at home because his symptoms are mild. Then, a few days later, Audi reported that he had tested negative again, while his husband and son, Anzel, were still positive.

Audi then made the decision to sleep separately with his son and husband. This was conveyed via upload Instagram Stories.

“Yesterday the antigen, husband and children were still positive but I was negative. That’s why they were still sleeping together, I slept alone,” he wrote.

Yes, it’s really a dilemma, Mother, with this condition. It feels like a mother, of course it’s not crazy, Mom. When yourself is negative but other family members still have to fight longer.

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Although not easy, the decision was chosen to be the best way at that time. Of course, with the hope that the others will soon be negative, they are finally taken and hope that both husband and children can become negative soon so that they can get together again.

Mothers who are out there, maybe someone has experienced something similar. Maybe it’s not easy to decide to be separated for a while even though it’s still the same house, Mom. Moreover, your little one still has to continue drinking breast milk. Certainly not an easy decision.

Not infrequently, other mothers finally decide to keep taking care of their baby even though they are negative. This is to minimize excessive worries if you have to temporarily separate from your child’s room because they are still infected with COVID-19.

Hmm, whatever Mother’s decision, actually everything returns to Mother, yes. Of course, all mothers also want to give the best for their children.

Well, for mothers who are still confused about the similar conditions above, should they be together or separate? first, while with the baby. Check out the following explanation, Mother.

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