Is it true that thick breast milk really makes babies fat?

Jakarta – Diluted breast milk often makes nursing mothers feel worried and even inferior. Worried that the baby will find it difficult to gain weight because the milk is watery and without fat. Isn’t that right, Mother?

Talking about fat in breast milk, the actual amount of fat in breast milk changes drastically with each feeding and throughout the day. Because, the fat content depends on the level of emptiness of the breast.

So if the breast is empty, it means high fat. While full breasts, low fat. The average fat content of breast milk is 1.2 grams/oz, says Kelly Bonyata, IBCLC, a lactation consultant.

“The average calorie content of breast milk is 22 kcal/ooz. The calorie content varies greatly throughout the day with each feeding due to changes in fat content,” he said as quoted from the page. Kellymom.

The ever-changing differences in the amount of fat and calories in breast milk are caused by various factors, Mother. Research shows a mother’s diet does not affect the average amount of fat or calories in her breast milk.

However, a mother can change the type of fat in her breast milk by changing the type of fat she consumes. An increase in one fatty acid can generally be expected to coincide with a decrease in another.

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For example, one study showed mothers in rural South Africa whose staple diet was corn had less monounsaturated fatty acids in their milk than mothers living in urban areas who consumed more protein and animal fats.

In addition, the breast emptiness rate is what studies have shown to boost the fat content of breast milk and calories. The fuller the breast, the lower the fat content of the milk. The emptier the breast, the higher the fat content of the milk.

Related to this, does the amount of fat in breast milk which makes it thicker affect the baby’s weight?

The research above proves that the baby’s milk intake (the volume of milk, not the amount of fat in the milk) is the only thing that is correlated with infant growth in infants who are exclusively breastfed.

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