Is Sending Video Links using SMS SENDER ID a violation of Youtube’s provisions?

RahmanCyber.NET | YOUTUBE – Visitor.. here before I will discuss first, what is SENDER ID or SMS MASKING for those who don’t know, only then will it penetrate into YouTube..

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Alpha Numeric Sender or Masking Name. Is an arrangement of 11 characters combination of letters and numbers that represents the desired business name or ID. Sender ID appears as the name of the SMS sender. Usually this is called SMS BROADCAST ID.

So, for example, if there is a natural disaster, the relevant agency will send a BROADCAST SMS using a SENDER ID, for example BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency)

So if you usually send SMS with your card NUMBER for example 08574637xxxx , then with this SENDER ID you can send CUSTOM with NAME for example “TANGGUH PEJUANG”.

Wow, that looks professional, right? Yup, that’s right… it’s so professional, it’s possible that it can be used for fraud if PERMISSION is not set, This means that everyone can use it, now there are also many companies that sell SENDER ID services. So just register with the company that opens the service… just choose.

What are the advantages of SMS BROADCAST with this SENDER ID?

From the references we get, The advantages of SMS Broadcast ID or BROADCAST SMS with SENDER ID Besides the name, which can be adjusted to the name of the agency, this is that it can be integrated with Information Systems that are already running through Web Services/APIs. So that SMS can be sent automatically from the system without an operator manually. Source:

Then, what is the difference between SMS BROADCAST and SMS BROADCAST ID?

BROADCAST SMS is an SMS service that uses a random number, so it’s like a cellular card number, from a BROADCAST SMS service provider. Usually it’s cheaper, bro… From the references we get, the service fee for BROADCAST SMS is around 80 rupiah per SMS.

You can check it yourself with keywords BROADCAST SMS PRICE.

while if SMS BROADCAST ID or BROADCAST SMS with SENDER ID this is a little more expensive.. uh, it’s quite expensive.. it can be around 350 Rupiah per SMS, sometimes it also depends on which MOBILE OPERATOR to go. You can also check the truth… just look for keywords BROADCAST ID SERVICE PRICEor SMS MASKING price.

but indeed SMS BROADCAST ID looks more professional…

Wow, that means ANYONE can USE a SENDER ID, right, KANG?

NO DONG YES… It turns out that it is specifically for companies/organizations/institutions that have a TIN. Individuals with a personal TIN cannot register, so if you don’t have a TIN, you can’t register.

How to register, you just need to register with the service provider. Hohoho.. if you are the owner of a BUSINESS or ORGANIZATION that has a TIN, for example, HOSTING services… want to give promos to customers… to make it seem professional, then you can use the SMS BROADCAST ID , because in fact from the reference I got, this SMS SENDER ID can also be set, how come the recipient’s number is… Hmmm, maybe it’s almost the same as BROADCAST in WA, you can make a LIST.

Oh, it means you just need to register later, you will be able to send it to all numbers throughout Indonesia, right?

Wow.. it’s good for you.. hehe, officially, the service provider usually doesn’t provide a cellphone NUMBER DATABASE, bro… so the number comes from you. Remember, the cellphone number is actually privacy, right?

But there is SMS BROADCAST ID based on region, I’ve seen it on, which is an AD service based on BROADCAST SMS, it could be called Location Based Advertising (LBA), this is actually suitable for LOCAL BUSINESSES… or for example, DISASTER RESPONSE.. you can earn your own points on myads telkomsel.. this is not a promotion, I’m just collecting resources to strengthen this article.

Can SMS SENDER ID Create Fraud Cracks?

Okay, I just mentioned above, because SMS SENDER ID looks professional, meaning it can be used as a loophole to cheat… BENTAR BENTAR I emphasize there if PERMISSION is not set. There is such a thing as an appointment letter, bro.. as in this screenshot.. Attention.. this is just a sample, you can change the layout.. for updates, you can go directly to the website for details. In the procedure there are complete documents…

The picture above shows the procedure Account activation.. so you have to complete the documents…

Loh bro… There is an individual in the picture, can you?

Oh yes yes.. how come it turns out yes.. wait, but there it is written Use ID and Have a BUSINESSthere is also an office address that must be filled in… hmmm… I don’t really understand, just try asking directly if you want to register…

And the discussion above has also been explained… in fact, everything is regulated… so it’s not arbitrary.. and fraudsters will also have to think again… because their DATA is already in the hands of the Authorities… so if there is a report of abuse, it can be processed immediately ..

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t gaps, right.. the most important thing is, you have to be aware… just be careful, even though it’s set up in such a way, there’s no system that’s completely perfect.. “DO NOT BE FOOLED by certain IMING or REWARD” or click The website doesn’t use a TLD domain, because most likely it’s a fraudulent loophole.. but I think people are smart now… hehe

Is it possible to use a SENDER ID using the name of the Cellular Operator?

This is a reference that I took from reading the terms and conditions for the registration of MYADS TELKOMSEL, so make an example.. the contents are like this:

Telkomsel has various brands, logos and applications for Telkomsel’s products and/or services which are all protected by applicable laws in Indonesia, such as but not limited to the Copyright Law and Trademark Law. Users are not allowed to use, duplicate, implement, apply brands, logos and/or applications without prior written approval from Telkomsel. Users are prohibited from using Intellectual Property Rights belonging to Telkomsel and on behalf of themselves as Telkomsel without a legal basis. Telkomsel has the right to claim the illegal use of Intellectual Property Rights based on applicable legal provisions.

So, you can be sued, bro, it’s possible that other operators are the same… but I don’t know.. because my current reference is MY ADS Telkomsel, which has set it up in such a way that the use of SENDER ID can’t be arbitrary… hehe.

For more details.. you can go directly to, don’t forget to register there if you want to register.. first read the Terms and Conditions…

Anyway, keep applying “DON’T BE FOOLED BY IMING IMING or REWARD” if there is, you have to really Kroscek.. from the website.. the social media, and the company profile.. ok..

Long ago when I was innocent, I was cheated once… but there was no public SENDER ID at that time, and fraudsters also used the TELPON 021 number… haha, so the experience of being cheated for the first time.. and never again.. “To take the Reward in the form of a CAR, need to send a voucher code as a tax… and I sent a voucher code of 100 thousand… and unfortunately he asked for another one.. already suspicious.. SCAM.. I lost 100 thousand in the end, even though when I was in school I was able to go up make a month is money…

Then now go to the Discussion Topic huh.

Does Sending Youtube Links using SMS SENDER ID violates YOUTUBE provisions???

Okay, actually after I tried hard or searched on Youtube Creator Studio or in Youtube’s own policy.. I don’t find a ban on us promoting using SENDER ID.

In fact what I got

What we check when reviewing your channel

Our reviewers check for compliance with the content that best describes your channel against our policies. Because they can’t check every video, reviewers will likely focus on the following content of your channel:

  1. Main theme
  2. Most watched videos
  3. Latest videos
  4. Biggest watch time proportion
  5. Video metadata (including title, thumbnail and description)

The content above is just an example of the content rated by our reviewers. Keep in mind that our reviewers can, and may check other parts of your channel to ensure full compliance with our policies.

that.. hehe, that means.. maybe you can use SMS SENDER ID, like if you have a HOSTING BUSINESS, you want to notify customers using SMS BROADCAST ID or SENDER ID, so that you seem professional with your New Product Youtube video link, so customers are interested and subscribe to your youtube channel..



but if your goal is only to get viewers and you have no other business or goal other than to find viewers… while your videos are just funny or not targeted…

YAH.. Waste of MONEY GAN….

The reason?

1. If it’s for a personal channel and you don’t have any other interests except getting viewers… this is redundant bro.. it’s not necessarily the number you sent is interested…

2. We need to have a database of numbers… maybe if it’s based on local interest, we can use LBA or Location Based Advertising services, but if the goal is to find viewers, it’s a waste of money, especially the videos are not targeted

3. Even if you get views, it’s not necessarily a return on investment.. because relying on youtube income is not easy.. unless you believe your VIDEO is suitable for all people…maybe it can help..

4. The danger is that if the recipient feels it is spam, then you can just watch it at a glance and immediately dislike it.. the danger is because it can reduce the average viewing duration, which causes your videos to be not recommended by Youtube much

5. Maybe it’s good luck too, thank goodness someone is interested and has a complete review… then likes, then comments, then subscribes or becomes a loyal customer… if you expect a return on investment… I think it’s a bit difficult… the same as if you make a website or Youtube Gado gado like me, it’s hard to get customers… but if we’re happy, it’s okay because it’s already a hobby.. we’ll say what we want to convey.. hehe

Well, but here are a few tips, if you still want to use the SMS SENDER ID, make sure you have a product you want to sell, at least if people don’t click on your video, then they will know at a glance about your business… the list is also there the condition is to have a business right… hehe it can also be the case below…

unless you OPEN BIMBEL in an area, you want to reach local residents, you can use that.. LBA (Location Based Advertising) of course you need to have a NPWP huh.. hehe

If that’s the case, then location-based SMS SENDER ID can be a powerful weapon to attract customers, especially if your tutoring has a YouTube channel… you can COMBO… hehe

Conclusion after conclusion….

So just use the usual way to develop your YOUTUBE if it’s a personal channel, right… Use YUTUBE SEO Techniques, Title, Description, Tags and various other optimizations, in fact the material is widely discussed by Youtubers who create content HOW TO BECOME YOUTUBE, HOW TO CREATE A FAMOUS CHANNELor HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR YOUTUBE…. WATCH CONTINUE…


Okay.. that’s all the discussion this time… which if it is prosecuted, it mostly discusses the SENDER ID rather than the answer. Is sending a Youtube link using SMS SENDER ID a violation of YOUTUBE provisions.

But here I also learned about SENDER ID from looking for references to make articles.. hehe.. we both learn together, don’t we..

So if there is an error in the submission.. please correct it… there is no intention to corner any particular party.. there is no promotion intention either… really… I mean just to make an article to increase knowledge as well as a reminder for myself and of course for you are LOYAL VISITORS…. ^_^

Thanks for Watching and Good Luck!

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