It doesn’t matter expensive or cheap, as long as students are still paying UKT, students are still a burden on the family. Is that right? – Student Zone – UKT has always been a tough debate on any campus, it’s no wonder that students take demonstrations to get relief. In fact, when it was time to pay UKT, it was as if we were a burden on the family.

It feels like when you are nearing the end of the semester, you want to pray so you can be a part of the surprise money that gets a wad of money. In addition, also so that you can not only complain about the cost of UKT which is quite unreasonable.

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Tuition Fees Are Getting More Expensive

Illustration of tuition fees (Photo: pexels)

According to Mimin, actually tuition fees or UKT are expensive and whether or not it is relative. Many factors can make UKT expensive. For example, if you study at a favorite college, private college, or majors that passing gradeits high.

There are groups of students who insist there is a reduction in UKT, uh but did not realize that they are part of the faculties of Engineering, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Economics and Business, and Law. Where are all the faculties really? top and prestigious.

However, there is a policy from the campus to provide UKT waivers in accordance with the financial capabilities of parents. In addition, there are Bidikmisi programs, KIP Lectures, scholarships and so on that help reduce tuition costs.

Back to topicif based on Mimin’s observation, tuition fees are indeed getting more expensive. Eitsbut not only tuition fees the hell, but the cost of education. Yes, obviously expensive, right to be smart and proud of the nation and the country need capital bro. Nothing in this world is free.

Then, the high cost of tuition is also proportional to the print of the students later, aka forming people who are able to face the challenges of a world that is getting tougher day by day. It’s become a burden on the family uh This is even more a burden on the state. Alamakit feels like just drowning in the swamp.

UKT Pandemic and Relief

Picture of UKT demo students (Photo: Tribunnews)

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world has had a great impact on the wheels of the economy, including Indonesia. Many industrial sectors were forced to go out of business to overcome these problems. People have lost their jobs due to layoffs, restrictions on activities outside the home, and many other things that underlie the economic downturn.

This causes us as students to be affected. As a result, lectures are conducted online until the specified time. Then, these family burdens did many ways so that the universities had compassion to reduce UKT, because they saw the economic condition of their parents. Of course, Mimin strongly supports the UKT reduction movement.

Hm, but in fact there are still many campuses that do not provide UKT discounts to their students. Instead, we as students who do not enjoy and use campus facilities while studying online must still pay in full.

Some of Mimin’s friends from various campuses also told me that the ones who got the UKT discount were the thesis fighters, aka students who were on the edge. Thus, students inevitably staged a demonstration in front of the campus rector and asked for justice from campus officials.

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The fate of the burden of a family struggling for the future

Student illustration (Photo: pexels)

In the end it all comes back to us. Even if UKT is expensive or cheap, if you don’t have a serious intention to go to college, it’s useless. Even though the lecture system is currently still online, it’s also a good idea to help parents by working side jobs or opening a business.

So that at least the candidates for the burden of this state will not really be a burden. We can also be the next generation of the nation that deserves to be appreciated.

If you think about it, we can get rid of the burden of the family when we are able to make our own money and have a decent and well-established job. “About when? “Well, don’t ask Mimin, ask yourself. When are you ready to become a useful figure for everyone. After all, Mimin is not Mama Laurens who can predict the life of Zone Buddy.

It doesn’t matter expensive or cheap, as long as students are still paying UKT, students are still a burden on the family. Is that right?

That’s a review of UKT which is a ‘scourge’ for students who bear the title of family burden. Hopefully the pandemic will end soon and we will become candidates for successful people and make all parties proud. Keep it up and good luck. Greetings students!

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