It turns out this is the condition of the fetus when mom & dad have sex while pregnant


Intimate relationships with husbands will be one of the things in everyday life that will definitely change over time pregnancy. Having sex while pregnant is not prohibited, but of course there are signs that are important to obey.

Maybe Mother will feel uncomfortable and tend to avoid, or maybe Mom & Dad will still do it but with extra caution because they are worried about the condition of the fetus in the stomach.

Actually, what does the fetus feel when its parents are having sex? Read the explanation, Mother.

Actually, having sex while pregnant is still fairly safe to do, Mother. Doula Sara Lyon, quoted by Romper, explained, “Fortunately there is a layer of tissue and fluid between the baby in the womb and the penis in the mother’s vagina. The little one is in a sealed water balloon called the amniotic sac, and the amniotic fluid protects it from being bumped when the parents have sex.”

Therefore, when Mom and Dad have sex, your little one doesn’t really feel it. “Fetal birth canal is muscle sphincter which holds the mother’s womb tightly closed for days and weeks before delivery,” explains Lyon again.

Then how does the little one react in there when Mom and Dad are having sex? Let’s continue, Mother.

Feeling rocked

Lyon tells Romper that if babies do feel the effects of an orgasm, the chances are few and nothing to worry about. If your uterus contracts due to an orgasm, obstetrician Dr. Kim Langdon said, “Babies won’t notice.”

Maybe, he continued, your little one just felt the warmth like a small hug when you reached orgasm. “It all depends on the gestational age of the baby,” Langdon said. “As the pregnancy progresses and the baby gets bigger, the contractions from orgasm can be felt by the baby.”

Mother will be even happier knowing that the sex of Father and Mother is actually very beneficial for the Little One. Click on the next page, Mom.

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