It’s great, bud! This is the Best Business Opportunity in a Pandemic Period


The COVID-19 pandemic, which has been running for 2 years, has had a deep impact. Not only for the Indonesian economy, but also globally.

But in the midst of limitations, Mother must be able to see opportunities. Especially business opportunities that can be done, and of course generate profits. If you are confused about where to start, you can see changes in people’s lifestyles to be used as business or business ideas.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, most activities are carried out at home, including religious activities, work and study. All to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With this activity restriction, people seem to be forced to switch to digital. Starting from staying in touch with family, filling entertainment, to fulfilling kitchen needs which is done online.

In addition, 2 years of coexistence with the Corona virus has made people more aware of personal hygiene and health and the environment. In fact, not a few are willing to spend deep enough to buy necessities that can support the immune system to stay fit and healthy.

From these lifestyle changes, then it brings up business opportunities that you can try. Come on, take a look at the 7 best business opportunities during the pandemic!

1. Selling Online

Currently, there are many applications that provide a place for people to sell online. One of them is to become a reseller or dropshipper. There is even an application where you can sell online on Evermos without having to spend any capital.

This opportunity is quite interesting, considering that today’s society prefers to shop online. Because it is considered easy and practical.

2. Online Training

The sudden onset of the pandemic demands that we have to adapt quickly. Unfortunately, not a few people are still left behind. For this reason, online training is needed to help improve people’s abilities, both in terms of education, how to invest, and other training.

The financial management training business will certainly be a promising business because people must be able to spend their income well in times of uncertainty like now.

3. Online Cleaning and Health Services

The high level of public awareness of cleanliness and health is a good business opportunity, Bun. You can try starting a cleaning and health service business. For example, cleaning the house, sterilizing the house with a sanitizer, to purchasing medicines and homecare services for medical tests.

4. Business from Home

Building a home business is certainly the right choice. The reason is that now there are many e-commerce applications that offer virtual stores, so you can market the products you produce at home.

When you have to sell on large applications, of course there is a possibility that your online store has been missed a lot. However, the Evermos home business opportunity can be a solution for marketing products. Plus this application provides many facilities to support a business from home.

For example, at the beginning of the pandemic, herbal food and beverage products experienced an increase because people began to care about health. It’s no wonder that buying herbal ingredients such as the empon-empon variant is quite rare and the price soars, Bun. Seeing this phenomenon, Mother can open a healthy food and beverage processed business that uses nutritious herbal ingredients.

5. Producing Medical Devices

In this case, you don’t have to build a business to make medical devices that require high technology. The best business opportunity during the pandemic in 2022 is by opening the production of health masks, PPE for nurses, face shields, and hand sanitizers.

Medical devices still have great opportunities this year. Although the case of COVID-19 has begun to decline, it is possible for the Corona virus to still exist in the world, and the material may mutate into a new form, such as Omicron, which is currently attacking Indonesia.

So it can be predicted that masks and hand sanitizers are mandatory for everyone, so it is predicted that this business will not go down. In fact, it tends to grow because of recommendations from the government.

6. Delivery Service

One of the businesses that is growing rapidly in the midst of a pandemic is in the delivery of goods. Especially with the online shopping trend in the community. So that the current courier service business is excellent and has a bright future. You can partner with an expedition company to open a courier service at home.

Of the 6 best business opportunities during this pandemic, it will certainly open up options for mothers who want to earn money in 2022. Let’s try it!



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