It’s Time for Business to Develop in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era

In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, many companies are bumping into each other and competing quickly to apply the latest technology to be the best. That is the reason why all businesses are required to digitize their business.

Currently all businesses are required to do Business Digitization. Times have started to change. If your business doesn’t want to digitize, it is certain that the business you are running will not develop and may even fail.

So from now on, think about growing your business by digitizing your business. Enough with 4 ways to start your business to get to business digitization. What is being done to transform into a digital business?

It’s Time to Digitize Business by Having a Website

Digitizing Business with Website
Website as the Spearhead of Business Digitization

The first step for digitizing your business is to create a website for the business you are running. Webiste is very important in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, Currently there are a lot of transactions on the internet, offline transactions are starting to be abandoned.

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The existence of the term E-commerce, E-Banking, E-Learning, etc. proves that nowadays everything is completely online. That’s why your business must start to create a special business website, so that your business can grow and continue to compete with competitors.

If you can’t make a website, now there are many website creation services at a fairly cheap price. You can use these services to create a special business website, and start digitizing your business.

id="jadikan-website-sebagai-tempat-transaksi-bisnis-kamu">Make the Website a Place for Your Business Transactions

Business Digitization
Make Transactions on the website

If you already have a website, the next step you can take is to make the website a place for your business transactions. It’s the same as E-commerce, E-Banking, etc. which make the website a place for transactions.


your business customers can make transactions easier for your business, without the need to work twice to do something. By digitizing, of course, you can cut transactions in your business compared to without digitization.

However, there are things that must be considered. To make the website a place for transactions, there are several things you should know, what are they?

  • Hosting Performance, Your website must have high hosting performance, so that when many transactions or customers visit your website it doesn’t go down. Don’t let many website transactions go down so that customers are disappointed. To overcome this, you can use Corporate Hosting from Hosting
    with large resources and high performance.
  • Website SecurityThe website that is used as a place for transactions must be safe. Of course you don’t want any disturbances that cause your website to have problems. Whether it’s a hacker attack or there is malware, so you have to make sure your website hosting is at a trusted hosting provider.
  • Website Speed, You have to pay attention to the access speed of your website, according to Google the maximum speed of a website is 5 seconds. According to a website load speed survey above 5 seconds, you will lose 40% of potential customers. Therefore you have to pay attention to the speed of your website in order to get maximum customers. And do Website Optimization as best as possible.

Of the three things, related to the hosting side used. Hosting is the most important thing for websites that are used for business transactions, so that it can match the 3 things mentioned above, you can use Corporate Hosting.

Corporate hosting is Indonesian Hosting with great resources and performance, Guaranteed website security and managed by experts, No doubt about speed, Want to know more information? Click the banner below

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Look More Professional with Business Email

Digitizing Business with Business Email
Use business email to look professional

In digital business, sending each other email is very important, therefore you must prepare business digitization using business-specific email. Make your business look more professional and trustworthy by using business email.

The hosting masters themselves create special hosting for business people who use email as an important thing in business. Corporate Hosting for B2B is specifically designed for email use.

Superiority Corporate Hosting that is, you can have an unlimited number of emails with an account. And you can set your own business email storage for each account, so you are free to determine how much email storage is but according to the diskspace limit.

No need to worry about the number of emails sent, because with this hosting you can send large amounts of email per hour. You can send up to 4800 emails a day.

Applying Today’s Digitalization Technology

Technology in the era of business digitization
Applying today’s technology for better business

So that you can continue to compete with competitors, you must use today’s technology that you can apply in your digital business. It’s time to digitize your business, don’t let your competitors get ahead by using the latest technology. Here are some technologies in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 that you can apply:

  • IoT, Internet of Things is a concept where an object has the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction.
  • Big Data, Big Data is a term that describes a large volume of data, both structured data and unstructured data. Big Data has been used in many businesses and can help determine the direction of a business. for example, Jagoan hosting will only send renewal promo emails for customers who have a payment due.
  • artificial intelligence, AI is a computer or machine technology that has human-like intelligence. And can be arranged according to human wishes. The main function of AI is its ability to study the received data continuously. The more data it receives and analyzes, the better AI will be at making predictions
  • Etc, There are many more modern technologies that can be applied, such as Augmented Reality, Cyber ​​Security, Additive Manufacturing, Simulation, System Integration, Cloud Computing.

You can apply one of the technologies above to digitize your business so that your business can grow and continue to compete with competitors. Come on, it’s time to transform into a digital business

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