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I took the sweet black to a bay in West Halmahera, Jailolo Bay in the province of North Maluku. The camera accompanies my dslr photographing the Jailolo Bay Festival, a cultural festival entitled the golden spices island.

Starting from the charm of the bay to exotic portraits of jailolo can be captured well by this camera. I’ve reviewed several camera features in the previous two posts, so let’s immediately see the results of this camera recording one of Indonesia’s wealth.

I don’t understand the song but they are very happy :)) Taken with LCD G1 which can rotate here and there
Hill of five thousand smiles. A bit cloudy.
Nutmeg, this fruit used to be the same price as gold.
Jailolo kids
Rows of mountains in Halmahera
Use fill flash to illuminate the face.
Go home
I am quite amazed that a camera with a G1 sensor that is this small can take pictures in low light like this sunset.
Sandals can also be the foreground.
Waiting for sunset
Another angle
Beautiful morning on jailolo bay
Excuse me.. to be handsome first.
The most memorable thing from northern Maluku is the culinary
Strolling the mangroves
Mosque and Mount Gamalama.

So, is the BenQ G1 a suitable camera for traveling? Certain!

My temporary conclusion for a few weeks using this camera:

  • The JPEG output is very good. The color is bright but natural. It doesn’t take much post processing.
  • The size is compact, with a weight of only 195 grams, it doesn’t feel like this camera is in a bag anymore.
  • Autofocus is good when light is abundant, but when low light is a bit ‘hunting’. Can be circumvented by manual focus when the light is low
  • f/1.8 & image stabilization makes shaky photos very rare.
  • Swivel LCD that allows unique angles. Be careful using it, don’t let the LCD touch and fall off :))

In the next post I will give tips to maximize the BenQ G1, stay tuned!


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