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This is one corner of Jayapura City, one of the most eastern cities in Indonesia.

Jayapura City

Maybe it never occurred to us, it turns out that this city, which is 5 hours away by plane from Jakarta, also has a mall. I almost watched Star Wars here.

Jayapura Mall

This is one of the views from one of the hotels I stayed at, the Yasmin hotel. FYI, there is also an Aston hotel not far from there.

KFC Jayapura

Jayapura is a hilly city. To get to the next sub-district, you usually have to go up a snaking hill. See the mosque in the first photo? It’s time for me to come down.

Mosque in Jayapura

From Jayapura, I continued eastward through Abepura Koya Kosoh — a sub-district filled with transmigrants from the Bugis and Butonese tribes, until I finally arrived at Skouw, the boundary line between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Towards the borders of the country

The fence with flags that I did not recognize was seen decorating the border. Before long, we learned they were district flags in Papua New Guinea. Residents of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia seem to be passing through the country’s borders with ease. In the middle of the fence there is a high gate with ornate carvings similar to the work of the Asmat tribe.

Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Boundary Gate
Shopping to another country
Pacing at the border, no passport needed

I don’t have a passport with me. But it didn’t matter, as long as we came back the same day before four in the afternoon. Because the gate was already closed at that time. It’s not allowed to bring a camera inside, so I just take pictures using my cellphone camera.

Papua New Guinea

On the Indonesian side of the border, the air is hot, the posts are being repaired, and it looks like a mess. However, when entering Papua New Guinea, the air is immediately cool because it directly borders on a valley that goes directly to the sea.

Papua New Guinea
It’s a monitoring lighthouse

Security at Skouw is quite strict. Soldiers everywhere holding guns. It is very different from the border in Merauke which is almost unguarded, not even a fence. Maybe because the border in Merauke is more ‘wild’ or forest. Maybe I will write in the next post.

Back to town. I climbed to the top of the hill transmitter polymak. Many national television transmitting towers leave their antennas here because this may be the highest point of Jayapura.

Cool hangout place while looking at the bay
Instagram-able. Photographed by my friend, Mas Dodid Wijanarko.
Polimak Transmitter, here you can see the whole city of Jayapura

Unfortunately, this polimak hill is often used by unscrupulous persons — who happened to be this boy — to mojok while drinking liquor. Even though not far from them the prohibition was written in quite large letters. So, be careful if you come here at night.

Soon to be drunk
Local tourist
Good afternoon Jayapura
Tiati mb..

Until we meet again, Jayapura.

Jayapura City

Oh yes, one more. Unique facts that you will find here: MTMA t-shirts are scattered everywhere and mothers who carry helmets enter the market and even in the MALL, hihi!

MTMA everywhere, plus natgeo.

Thanks for reading!

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