Join the Free Overseas Volunteer Program While Traveling!

Ever with the name program volunteer or volunteer work but can while traveling? Want to try to be volunteer abroad for free? If your answer is yes, it means you should try searching on Helpx, Workaway, and WWOOF!

What is a program volunteer while walking?

It means volunteer what are you doing while walking? Maybe this term still sounds foreign to you.

Program volunteer itself can be interpreted as voluntary work, aka not getting money.

But, many people are interested in doing the program volunteer because it can get an exciting and different experience.

Personally, I like to use this method so that I can travel sparingly.

I am a person who really likes to travel abroad and spend quite a long time getting to know about the local culture there.

with so volunteerI can save money because I can get a free place to live, eat free, sometimes given pocket money even though it’s not much.

Besides that, I also get new experiences, meet new friends, and can explore city ​​or country.

How good is it all for free? Of course you have to give something in return, namely time and effort.

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What can you do as a volunteer?

The work is quite diverse. Usually you will be asked to work around 4-6 hours per dayand the rest you want to use for whatever you want.

Depends on agreement with “host” or employer never mind. The tasks you must do during the program volunteer This has also been told before.

Some of the jobs you can choose from are:

  • Work on the farm
  • Work in hostels
  • Teaching languages ​​to young children
  • Help make a website
  • Construction
  • Take care of pets

Anyway, that’s a lot! Then you just have to choose which one is suitable and appropriate.

Join the Free Overseas Volunteer Program While Traveling!
The cutest dogs I’ve ever kept in Bali

How to register the program volunteer this?

More interested in trying the program volunteer while traveling? Read on because I will tell you how to program list volunteer this!

1. Search program volunteer through the provider’s site (Workaway, Helpx, or WWOOF)

First, you can search through sites that link between host and volunteers.

There are three very popular sites to search for programs volunteer that is:

  1. Workaways: USD 44/year (Rp 628,000)
  2. Helpx: USD 26 / 2 years (Rp 371,000)
  3. WWOOF: USD 40 – 72/year (Rp 571,000 – 1 million)
volunteer with workaway
Workaway website display

I myself have used Workaway and Helpx. I’ve never been to WWOOF because the work there is usually devoted to work organic farm.

Well, looking at job descriptions is free without having to open an account. However, if you want to contact hostyou must mcreate an account and pay fees membership according to the price above.

If it’s calculated, it’s quite affordable, especially if we volunteer for quite a long time, about 2 weeks – 1 month.

And the membership is also valid for 1-2 years, so you can register for the program volunteer more than once.

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2. Read the job description and requirements requested

Just look for it according to the destination country you want to visit, keep checking list of hosts that offers programs volunteer.

Oh yes, this program is available in many countries around the world, yes, Indonesia also exists.

Read job descriptions and requirements requested, for example like:

  • Minimum stay How long? (minimum 2 weeks average)
  • What should you do?
  • How many hours do you have to work per day, how many days off?
  • What does the host provide?
  • What type of accommodation is provided by the hosts? (whether sharing or own room)?
  • Review from volunteer others who have worked there?
  • See photos to get to know about the hosts.

Complete is usually explained on the site, so you can read it first and choose which one is appropriate.

how to find volunteers abroad
Sample job description on Helpx . site

3. Contact host

After finding a suitable one, you can contact host. But remember, must join membership on the site before you can send messages to host.

When sending a message, introduce yourself and share your interest in becoming volunteer there.

Tell me how long you want stay there, and also anything skills the one you have that fits the job they need.

How do you communicate with each other? arrangementher, and if it fits, you just have to go there.

If it doesn’t match, you can look for another one and send a message to host other.

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4. Go there and do the job asked

Well, after coordinating with hostyou just go there!

From my experience, one host can receive some volunteer other tooso you can meet new friends.

While working, while exploring. Do what is asked, don’t be lazy, just because you get a free place to live, hehe.

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My experience goes with experience volunteer

I use the Workaway or Helpx sites quite often to find programs volunteerespecially when traveling abroad.

So far, the volunteer programs that I have done are:

1. Work in hostels (Malaysia and Taiwan)

Working in hostels is quite relaxing, if you don’t become a receptionist, then you clean the room.

The joy of working in a hostel is that we can meet traveler others who stay and can interact with them.

It’s fun, especially in Kuala Lumpur because the hostel is right in Bukit Bintang so when I’m not working I can explore the city center.

volunteer work in hostels
Hang out with hostel guests

2. Work in the garden (Bali and China)

I personally prefer working in the garden or in a rural area as it is much quieter. Yes, even though you have to get a little dirty and use it more tired, but it’s fun.

I twice worked on plantations in Sichuan, China because it is quite close to the city where I live when I was studying Masters in China.

During the long semester break, I can stay 2-3 weeks in the plantation area. One is actually more of a tourist garden, so my job apart from being in the garden, is also bringing guests to tour and do activities in the plantation area.

The one in the other garden, my job is more into marketingso help updates website and also poster design.

In Bali my work is even more exciting. Because I could host which has a very large private villa.

oddly enough, hostit doesn’t exist anymore, so volunteer others who are more senior direct volunteer new to do what has to be done.

In this villa there are 4 dogs, 4 cats, 30 more chickens. So apart from pulling grass and cutting tree branches, I also have to take the dog for a walk.

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volunteer while traveling in Bali
With volunteer friends in Bali

3. Teaching English (Cambodia)

In Cambodia it was once volunteer to teach young children English.


It’s really fun to participate in volunteer programs abroad. Can get new experiences, meet new friends, can explore new places. Travel so it’s more economical too.

Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who want to search program volunteer abroad!

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