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Because I was forced, the alay, to be a judge for the school photo competition with the theme “save the nature”, I finally went home. The following is a description of the winning photos. Congratulations and hope you can do better!

1st Place. Save the nature

1st place - save the nature

This photo was chosen because it has a symbolic meaning as the title suggests. Save the nature. Conformity to the theme is the highest point in this photo. The main object of a globe held by the hand tells that this world really depends on all of us who inhabit it.

The photographer makes photos with techniques that make his photos slightly different from conventional photos. Taking advantage of the lack of camera into the advantages of this photo. A high ISO makes photos slightly grainy adding to the moody effect of black-and-white photos. Coupled with the panned background, this photo is very “surreal” and finally it was chosen as the first winner.

2nd Place. Give a place for nature

Judging for the "Save the Nature" photo contest – ipadguides

In addition to conformity with the theme, this photo has a very good composition. Perfect symmetry. The main object in the middle of the photo is the composition which is quite difficult. But the photographer was observant in doing the cropping above and managed to make the photo tell the story more effectively.

The black and white color also adds to the emotional impression of this photo. This photo also has an interesting story, a plantation in the middle of an urban area. Well, although not too “wow”, but quite interesting and managed to sit in second position.

3rd Place. Forgot the title, comment below.

Judging for the "Save the Nature" photo contest – ipadguides

Fresh! That was my first impression when I saw this photo. This photo tells the story of a person caring for flowers in the garden. Nowadays it is very rare to find a place like this. Slightly cloudy weather makes the light soft and the colors are maximized. But because of the lack of “impact”, this photo only occupied the third position.

Yes, that’s a little description of the results of the photo judging. Hopefully it will be useful and the theme “save the nature” should not just be a mere discourse, but make it a daily application so that our nature keeps smiling. Because there are so many photographers in the world who take pictures of nature so that people who see it think a thousand times to destroy it.

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