Just 5 Hours Released, Adele’s Easy On Me Breaks Record

Crazy! In just 5 hours, Adele’s new song, ‘Easy On Me’, successfully broke the Billboard record. If we think about it, nickname “Queen” For every cool female singer nowadays it sounds very stale and really too much.

Because almost every female singer nowadays who has just done any cool thing (including releasing a new song), we immediately see comments like, “Queen”, “Kweeen”, “Queen is back”.

As a result, once again, making this excessive praise nickname feels nothing special or stale. However, for an Adele, this nickname is really appropriate. The reason is, every time he releases a new song as well as a video clip, the number of viewers and listeners is immediately tens of millions.

Breaking Billboard Records

And the funny thing is, this often happens only a few hours after the release of the song / video. Well, this is what happened again with his latest song, ‘Easy On Me’. But before explaining further regarding this new record, let’s just listen to the following song first.

How delicious isn’t it? So let’s be honest if he recently broke a cool record with this song. More specifically, as reported by Billboardjust

released 5 hours ago, song ‘Easy On Me’ smashing a very cool Billboard record success.

And the cool record is that the song goes straight to the list Billboard Hot 100. Within 5 hours of its availability, this song immediately shot to position 68. WOW GOKIL GAK TUH! And remember, he broke this record when the song was released on October 14, 2021.

Until I write this, ‘Easy On Me’ still perched on that number. Yes, again, it’s really crazy. But if we think about it, it’s not surprising either. Again this is Adele. And the song itself is really good too.


On Me’ own adult contemporary sound which is very commercial radio and can be directly enjoyed by the public. So again, don’t be surprised if it’s only in 5 hours Adele’s song ‘Easy
On Me’
This, successfully broke his Billboard record.

Now, what do you think about the Billboard success that Adele has achieved yet again? Comment below yes.

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