JYP Announces Jae’s Leaving From Day6

Day6 is a JYP upbringing band which originally had 6 members. Over time, their personnel decreased by one and for the past few years they have consistently performed with 5 members.

The latest news confirms that Jae, who is the lead guitar of the band, will be the next member to leave. This news was official on January 1 yesterday.

JYP terminates Jae’s contract

JYP terminated Jae’s contract as of January 1 yesterday | soompi

According to JYP’s announcement, they said that Jae’s exclusive contract with JYP had been terminated. And the member officially left JYP and Day6 as of January 1, 2022 yesterday.

JYP also apologized to fans, especially My Day (as Day6 fans are called). In the announcement as well, JYP said that they would always support the steps he took even though they had parted ways.

Throw Sharp Criticisms Against JYP Management Before Leaving

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a chance to criticize JYP management | soompi

Actually, Jae’s relationship with JYP has been a hot topic of discussion since the middle of last year. At that time, Jae criticized JYP’s management quite harshly. He said that his agency was unfair in promoting their idols as soloists.

The root of the problem was when Jae became one of the people who helped build DIVE Studios. Management never promotes its activities. While other members, such as Young K, did the cover. He criticized JYP’s management through his Twitter account.

After the problem was crowded, a few days later Jae said that the problem with management had been resolved. The problem ended with Jae’s vacuum from all his activities.

id="h-menyisakan-4-member">Leaving 4 Members

Even Of Day Soompi
Of Day | soompi

After Jae’s departure, Day6 practically only leaves 4 members. Namely Young K, Dowoon, Sungjin, and Wonpil only. Even so, Day6 is now used to performing without full personnel.

In the middle of last year, Day6 formed their first sub-unit, namely Even of Day. This sub unit didn’t include Sungjin in it (and Jae did at the time). Even of Day made their debut in August last year with the EP titled The Book of Us: Gluon.

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