Kaizen Event: Only Needs 3 Days for Improvement

Kaizen Event: Only Needs 3 Days for Improvement

Want to improve the process in just two or three days? Very Can! You only need to mobilize resources in the organization to conduct Kaizen events.

Kaizen events have two main agendas, namely conducting sessions brainstorm and implementation of short-term solutions to improve existing processes. Employees, managers, and even business leaders come together to map existing processes, discuss ways a process can be improved, and define actions on the operator’s side.

Quotes reliableplantkaizen events are commonly referred to as one time event designed in a continuous improvement program to help assess whether the changes implemented were successful. Here we will discuss when and the steps to use a successful kaizen event.

From Events to Culture

Kaizen strives to solve business problems. The principle is to build new, better ways, or in other words how to make a process work more smoothly by leveraging the skills of everyone involved.

The question when should we use kaizen? Excellent peopleplease note that based on usage, kaizen events are divided into two categories: short-term (daily) use and long-term use.

Continuous process improvement or continuous improvement must always be at the forefront of action in the workplace, especially when it comes to maintaining improvements that have been made. This is where short-term or daily kaizen events come into play. Daily kaizen is very effectively used to solve urgent problems such as customer complaints or production problems, therefore kaizen is also called fire fighting.

Ever heard of the term “kaizen culture” in a company? Why is it called culture because employees are always making continuous improvement as part of their job.

The main idea is to focus and be fast. By bringing the right team together to tackle a problem, businesses can achieve breakthroughs that quickly lead to process improvements.

So who should be involved? According to sixsigmadaily, only one criterion is needed to be able to participate in kaizen activities. That is having knowledge and interest in the process being discussed. It draws on one of the key principles of Lean and Six Sigma to leverage expertise from all levels in the organizational chart.

Kaizen Success Key

The key to a successful kaizen event is to involve the right people. They need to feel motivated to find solutions that will improve the process and also have a deep understanding of the process under consideration.

The reasons for holding a kaizen event vary greatly depending on the needs of the organization. Usually, operations don’t go as planned (or something goes wrong) so the team will have a session brainstorm to find root causes of problems and potential solutions.

Meanwhile, each problem has a different complexity, we can see from how many actions do not add value to the end user (waste).

Kaizen events are carried out in a simple way, starting with bringing together operators, managers, and process owners in one place. Then together we do the mapping of existing processes to determine the performance of the process. Furthermore, improvements are made to the problematic process by asking for approval from all parties related to the process.

Quotes learnleanin addition to using kaizen events, improvement can also be done with one point kaizen (just do it) for simple and unnecessary problems brainstorm team, kaizen teian (improvement suggestions) if improvementis outside the authority or limited resources, small group activity/quality circles if it requires analysis and longer time in solving problems, and breakthrough improvement (kaikaku) which has a large scale and requires investment.

Invest with Kaizen

Some changes can be made quickly, but many require long-term focus. Likewise with kaizen, there are things that can be done in 3-5 days. But there is also a long-term effort to get the best benefits. Kaizen activities in the long term include training, documenting the situation, conducting brainstormmake follow-up plans, to celebrate the results.

Despite the need for investment, many companies continue to do so. Why? because by carrying out kaizen events companies and individuals get many benefits. Don’t want to miss out on the benefits of kaizen? Want to build a kaizen culture in your organization? Or have often done kaizen but not much change is obtained? Discuss your condition with the experts directly, SSCX International.

SSCX International is the best operational excellence consulting firm in Indonesia that has helped institute a successful kaizen culture in hundreds of companies. SSCX also conducts problem solving training that supports kaizen, such as PDCA 7 Tools, Lean Six Sigma, TPM, and Design Thinking. You can find the training agenda at https://bit.ly/AgendaPublicTrainingSSCX.

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