Karina aespa proves herself to be a true gamer

So Kpop idols do take up a lot of time. Especially if you just made a comeback and it’s not a pandemic, the gig schedule must be really tight,

In order not to be stressed, many idols try to play games on the sidelines of their busy lives. There’s Chanyeol EXO, Jungkook BTS, Mina TWICE, Jisoo BLACKPINK, and many more.

Recently, there was an idol who went viral for being able to reach the highest level in the Gardenscape game. She is Karina Aespa.

If you are curious about the complete information, just read this article to the end, kuy!

For the uninitiated, Gardenscapes is a mobile game where players can build, decorate or restore a dream garden.

Well, players have to get stars for completing tasks when building a park so they can pass levels.

Recently, Karina caught up with fans through Bubble. At that time, he had time to show off his beautiful new hair.

Then, the girl who was born in 2000 also said that she likes spending time playing Gardenscapes. To the astonishment of fans, Karina is currently at the highest level in the game.

He sent a video when he managed to win level 9925. That means, now he is at level 9926.

data-id="11">Then, there are netizens who say that the maximum level in Gardenscapes is currently only 9926. That means, here, Karina is at the highest level and she could be in the top 5 in all corners of the world.

It doesn’t stop there, here, Karina has the highest rank in Gardenscapes among other Kpop idols.

“Among idols, I think I’m the only one who has reached the maximum level in this Gardenscapes,” Karina said proudly.

However, fans say that Karina’s achievements in the Gardenscapes game are more than that. Fans found the fact that Karna had leveled up at an impressive rate.

data-id="15">In a period of 25 days, he could level up from 9000 to 9926. That is, during those 25 days he rose by 926 levels! Isn’t it really badass!

In an interview, actually, Karina once said that she really likes playing mobile games. But, with this achievement, who is not impressed?

data-id="17">Anyway, congratulations to Karina! We really admire your dedication to mobile games that you managed to get a high score! Good job!

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