Kemenristek Joins Kemendikbud, Is this an Achievement? – Student Zone – the Ministry of Research and Technology (Kemenristekdikti) is now combined with the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). This has become part of the spotlight because of the merger where previously the two ministries had quite significant differences.

In fact, the merger between the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and the Ministry of Education and Culture is seen as evidence of the achievements of Nadiem Makarim, who is increasingly trusted by President Jokowi in managing a progressive education system.

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The Concept of Freedom to Learn as a Main Part Nadiem Makarim

Illustration of the chronology of the merger of Kemenristek and Kemendikbud (Photo: CNN)

As for the inner concept, immediately Nadiem Makarim, who has always been a minister, brought the concept of Merdeka Learning. This can be seen from the expertise of the minister who is considered capable of bringing about changes in the fields of education, culture, and research.

Even education observer Ina Liem stated that future economic trends must be based on innovation so that the world of education also needs to be directed there. Especially in the world of research has been encouraged.

“This is the right step. This fusion also means that research and innovation are accustomed to be carried out before higher education,” he said, after being reported by Kompas, Tuesday (13/4/2021).

He also admitted that the concept of Merdeka Learning is a transformative concept which is able to provide new ways to improve the quality of education from early, middle, to higher education.

That is why Mr. Nadiem Makarim is considered to have a fairly good contribution in building progressive education in the future.

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But is this an achievement?

Ministry of Education and Culture (Photo: Kompas)

At least that is one of the questions we must answer. The steps built by Mr. Nadiem Makarim are certainly a manifestation of his awareness in building education. But at least it can be felt by the community is certainly a very important thing.

Regardless of the context, at least education can be born to truly conform to shared ideals even though it must have a lot of hands like the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Kemenristek Joins Kemendikbud, Is this an Achievement?

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