Know 5 Instagram Marketing Tools That Can Boost Your Business!

Social media marketing is no longer a new thing. In industry 4.0, it seems that all businesses are obliged to have social media and effective and efficient marketing techniques to attract a wider range of potential consumers and even foreign countries! Use some of these Instagram marketing tools.

It turns out that marketing techniques through social media are not just about uploading aesthetic photos or paying fees advertisement (ads) or just advertising. Without mature knowledge and the right strategy, you might actually lose a lot, you know! Not necessarily your ad will reach the right potential customers, especially if your Instagram content is not what they are looking for.

Therefore Jagoan Hosting will share recommendations for Instagram marketing tools that are suitable for beginners and those who want to develop their marketing knowledge. But before that, make sure you also have a website for your business to make it more reliable, OK! Of course, by taking advantage of the best Indonesian hosting services with Jagoan Hosting.

When you’re ready, check out the 5 Instagram marketing tools that you can try below:


Instagram Marketing Tool: Virol

Instagram marketing viral tools
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Virol is the first tool we recommend because of its ease and completeness for managing Instagram accounts. Not only yours, but also to analyze competitors’ content!

As browser extensions, you can open Instagram via browser and see the difference! You can see the types of posts that have the most engagement

so that you can easily replicate it.

Not only that, Virol also includes the most up-to-date tools with the Instagram algorithm so you can see if your old content has the potential to go viral!


Marketing Tool #2: Buffer

Instagram marketing buffer tools
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The second recommendation is Buffer, which can help you build feeds that suit your aesthetic taste. You can preview how it looks before uploading and schedule posts according to the schedule content planner you.

In addition, you can also analyze the growth of followers and engagement from your posts and stories. Of course this is important to evaluate whether your post is in accordance with the target market or not. Buffer also offers storage for a collection of hashtags that are appropriate for you to use in your posts, you know!


Marketing Tool #3: Unfold

Instagram marketing tools unfold
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Who would have thought that a charming Instagram Story could attract the attention of your followers? Unfold could be the answer you need.

Instagram Stories are getting more attention because of their easier interaction and very fast updates. If you combine it with a pretty look, that’s for sure engagement the followers will be even higher!

Unfold offers lots of beautiful templates for your Instagram Stories, so you don’t have to master it anymore Photoshop or Corel to create a beautiful Story!


Marketing Tool #4: SocialRank

SocialRank Instagram marketing tools
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Target market is everything! If you make a post for an inappropriate target market, of course your post can be confirmed to have engagement The low one. Or worse: your product won’t catch their attention.

One way is to see which followers are most engaged with you. Even though the numbers are small, if you can know the characteristics and the closest people who match them, you can get the opportunity to focus on these characteristics and even open up potential partnerships, you know!

You can get this analysis with SocialRank. Automatically, SocialRank will evaluate engagement followers of your brand and recommend similar follower options. Growth is even faster!

Instagram Marketing Tool #5: SocialBlade

Instagram marketing tools
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One of the Instagram promotion tricks is to use influencers! Now to find the most appropriate influencers for your business, SocialBlade can be the most suitable Instagram marketing tool.

SocialBlade already has a database of influencers with categorization arranged in such a way. So when you’re ready to contact an influencer, you’ve got the data!

Are you ready to grow your Instagram business? Don’t forget to make sure your website is ready to receive a flood of orders and visitors, OK! Use Jagoan Hosting to ensure your website is stable and quickly accessed because Jagoan Hosting, the best hosting in Indonesia!

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