Know Before Buying, Here Are The Kinds Of Wardah Cosmetics Products And Their Uses

Various kinds of Wardah cosmetic products and their uses need to be known before buying so you don’t choose the wrong one.

Wardah is a local cosmetic brand that is also the pioneer of the first halal cosmetics in Indonesia. Carrying the concept of natural beauty, Wardah provides a variety of facial, body, hair, perfume, and make-up care products. You need to know the various Wardah cosmetic products and their uses before buying them.

This product range is a premium facial care product launched by Wardah. This product is an anti-aging product that is safe to use for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Various products from the Wardah Crystallure series are micellar gel, oil serum, booster essence, moisturizer, and eyecream.

2. Wardah Instaperfect


Wardah Instaperfect is a premium make-up product from Wardah. Having a rose gold color, this product from Wardah Instaperfect has a fairly complete product range. You will get an attractive make-up look by mixing and matching shades from Wardah Instaperfect products. Some of Wardah Instaperfect’s products are cushion, lipcream, blush on stick, eyeliner, eyebrow, primer, eyeshadow palette, lip crayon, matte lipstick, and compact powder.

3. Wardah Exclusive

If you are looking for Wardah make up products at affordable prices, the Wardah Exclusive series is the answer. This make-up product from Wardah has a complete range of make-up that can be used by all ages. Some of the products from the Wardah Exclusive series are cushion, matte lipstick, eyeshadow, lipcream, foundation, blush, two way cake, and eyeshadow palette.

4. Wardah EyeXpert

This one product is devoted to making eye makeup. By using Wardah EyeXpert, you will find it easier to apply to the eye area. Not only can it be used for professionals, this series of products can also be used for beginners. Various Wardah cosmetic products and their uses will help you look more beautiful. Some of the products are mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow, and eyeshadow.

5. Wardah Renew You

This series of Wardah series is intended for women aged 30 years and over. Functioning as an anti-aging, Wardah Renew You has a complete range of products to treat and prevent aging on the face. Some of Wardah Renew You’s products are face wash, essence, serum, moisturizer, sleeping mask, and eyecream.

6. Wardah Secret White


To get bright skin, you can use the Wardah Secret White series. This Wardah product can be used by women aged 20 years and over. The product range is quite complete, starting from face wash, face scrub, exfoliating toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, sleeping mask, and eyecream.

7. Wardah Perfect Bright


For those of you who are still teenagers, Wardah also provides a series of products that are safe to use. You can use Wardah Perfect Bright which functions to brighten the skin. Interestingly, now this series is also available for acne-prone skin. Some of Wardah Perfect Brigt’s products are micellar water, face wash, moisturizer, and BB powder.

8. Wardah Hydra Rose

Wardah continues to innovate in each of its products. At the end of September 2020, Wardah has launched a new skincare series called Wardah Hydra Rose. Wardah’s newest product range functions to moisturize and reduce signs of aging on the face. Some of the newly launched Wardah Hydra Rose series products are face wash, toner, serum, and moisturizer.

There are quite a few Wardah products and you can adjust them to your skin’s needs and budget. You can choose make up and skincare by knowing the various Wardah cosmetic products and their uses. In order not to get fake products, make sure to buy Wardah products at a trusted store.

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