Know Emina Products and Their Functions Before Buying

Emina products and their functions must be known because there are many types according to skin needs and skin types.

Who doesn’t know the Emina brand? This cosmetic brand formulated for teenagers has various types of facial care and make-up products. For more details, here are Emina products and their functions that you need to know before buying them.

Emina has Micellar Water Drop Cleanser Bright Stuff and Micellar Water Drop Cleanser products. Both of these products are able to clean the remnants of make-up without leaving a residue after use.

2. Oil Cleanser


If you want to clean waterproof make-up or the rest of the dirt on your face, the Traceless Oil Cleanser product can be used. This product is non-sticky and can be used for all skin types.

3. Face Wash

For Emina’s own face wash products, there are various types that can be adapted to the needs of the skin. To brighten and moisturize the skin, you can use Double Bubble Face Wash or the Bright Stuff series. For sensitive skin, you can use Emina Dot Burst Face Wash. As for acne prone skin, you can use the Ms Pimple series.

4. Face Toner

Emina toner has various types. Witch Power Face Toner is used to control oil. Double The Moist Face Toner to moisturize the skin and the Bright Stuff series is used to brighten the skin.

5. Moisturizer


Emina moisturizer itself is one of the best sellers. Some of the moisturizing products from Emina are the Bright Stuff series, Ms Pimple series, Moist in a Bottle, Aloe Vera Gel, and Aqua Infused Sleeping Mask.

6. Sunscreen

Emina sunscreen is a product that you can choose to protect your skin from sun exposure and UV rays. Emina Sun Protection products are Emina products and their functions must be known. This product contains SPF 30 PA+++.

7. Mask

Emina has various types of masks that can be tailored to the needs of the skin. Several masks from Emina, such as sheet masks and clay masks.

8. Foundation

For make-up, Emina has provided a very light and durable foundation product for teenagers to use. Several foundations with a light formulation, such as City Chic CC Cream, Bare With Me Mineral Cushion, and Beauty Bliss BB Cream.

9. Powder


In order for your makeup to look flawless, you need a powder with good coverage. Emina herself provides compact powder or loose powder. For compact powder, you can choose Bare With Me Mineral Compact Powder or City Chic CC Cake. As for the loose powder, you can choose according to your skin’s needs to hold oil products.

10. Blush On

So that your face looks fresher, you can use a blush that is adjusted to your skintone. For Emina, she provides pressed powder blush and creamy blush in the form of cream.

11. Decorative Eyes

To make eye makeup more attractive, Emina provides a variety of products such as eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. This product from Emina has been designed to be used by beginners, you know?

12. Lip Decorative

Emina always provides the latest breakthroughs for lip decorative products. Some of their products have become best sellers because of their light formula and colors that are suitable for teenagers. Emina’s lip decorative products, such as lipstick, lip cream, lip gloss, lip tint, and lip cushion. Recently, Emina also released a creamy tint product that is very light and can be used daily.

You need to know Emina products and their functions first. These Emina products will make your face look healthier with natural makeup.

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