Know How to Borrow Money at BCA Bank for Students, Easy and Fast Disbursement!

Know How to Borrow Money at BCA Bank for Students, Easy and Fast Disbursement!

Like tutorial content how to order on coffee shop well-known retailers, the following article was written to present how to borrow money at BCA banks for students.

Basically, borrowing a friend’s money is different from the procedure for applying for credit at a bank, both administratively and in an agreement. Moreover, Bank BCA, whose reputation is undoubted in the ears of the Indonesian people.

Why Should BCA Bank?

Reported by Bloomberg, BCA is the third largest bank in the Asian region with a market capitalization value of IDR 581.9 trillion. For students, this bank provides an attractive program, namely loan funds with the type of credit without collateral.

BCA also offers a variety of interest rate options as part of the lending mechanism. The 1-year tenor has an interest rate of 1% to 0%, while the 2-year tenor has a higher interest rate of 1.03%. And finally, the 3-year tenor has an interest rate of 1.07%.

If we follow the interactions on social media, there are already many memes that raise the question of satisfying service from this one bank. Starting from the priority customer program, or more impressively, the security services, even the parking attendants are no less qualified.

On the timeline, not even a little netizens which compares the performance of BCA security guards with the work of the police (because they have a similar uniform color).

Whereas in principle, a person or institution is said to be ready to take on greater responsibilities when he succeeds in his small obligations. Wow, do the police have to go through the stages of serving as a BCA security guard before being appointed as officers?

At BCA, the staff, security guards, and parking attendants all seem to be united in synergy to make customers feel comfortable when visiting the head office and branches.

Sometimes Students Need to Borrow Money

Sometimes life is just a ponzi scheme with the romanticization of college. If life is meaningless, students just need to move on. In any way it is.

Students, if you think about it, can actually be categorized as a vulnerable layer of society. If adults are worried about finances, and school students are worried about academics, these students take the middle ground. Awry. Looks like Maguire.

Barcelona owes to buy players, the country owes to stay sustain, students borrow money so that their college needs are met, all need loans. The level of expenditure that is not comparable to incomeallows students to get an injection of funds from the bank.

How to Apply for a Fund Loan to Bank BCA

Currently, it is not difficult to find financial institutions that offer loan schemes, one of which is Bank Central Asia. Moreover, how to borrow money at BCA bank for students is quite easy.

With the Personal Loan program, borrowing money from a BCA bank does not require collateral. There are two ways of borrowing that students can do: conventional or on line.

Conventional Way

For students, this method is quite recommended if the residence or boarding house is not far from the BCA head office or branch. Before that, here are the requirements that need to be met to apply for a loan:

  1. Indonesian citizens
  2. Have a BCA account in your own name
  3. Around 21 to 55 years old

In addition, there are also several documents that need to be prepared in advance even though they will be directed by staff and security guards: BCA Loan Form, Photocopy of ID Card, Photocopy of credit card.

For students who have filled out the form and completed the documents, they can submit the ready-made files to customer service and just waiting for the verification process.

Online Way

In addition to coming to the branch office, how to borrow money at BCA Bank for students can also be facilitated with the BCA M-Banking application. Here is the procedure:

  1. Install the M-Banking BCA Application
  2. Open the application, then look for the option “Info BCA”
  3. Press the Product menu option and select Personal Loan
  4. Choose a loan option
  5. Go to the bottom of the screen, then press “Submit Payment”
  6. Fill in the application form in the form of personal data and others
  7. Send completed data
  8. Done, and wait for the verification process

This is an article on how to borrow money at BCA Bank for students that can be used as a guide when you need fast funds. Make sure you have carefully considered every time you apply for a loan. Starting from the usefulness of loan funds to the ability to pay.