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After learning about understanding, how to work along with Instagram Ads types and conditions in the article series Get to know Instagram previously. This time, we come to the part we have been waiting for. Especially if it’s not How to Create Instagram Ads that we must know. Especially, for online businesses.

If you have known about Facebook Ads before, of course you are already familiar with Instagram Ads. The reason is, how to make Instagram Ads is not much different from making Facebook Ads. After the acquisition process by Facebook in 2012, Facebook Ads and Instagram are set up on the same platform. In fact, it is only distinguished in a few clicks.

1. Start by selecting the editor platform

As we discussed in the previous article regarding How Instagram Ads Work, there are terms editor platform that we must know on Instagram Ads. Such as Ads Manager, Power Editor and Business Manager.

>> In detail, we can see what the meaning of Ads Manager, Power Editor and Business Manager are HERE <<


choosing this editor tool, we must consider the size of the business and the number of advertisements that we will install. If we want to do a large-scale marketing campaign, then the Power Editor can be the right tool. In contrast, Ads Manager is suitable for creating and monitoring small-scale ads.

2. Create a New Campaign

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with the selection of editor tools, we will move on to creating a new campaign. Select the “Create Campaign” menu. Then, in the “Objective” option, we can select “Click to Website”. Now, when we hover our mouse on the “Click to Website” option, we will find a “Create Ads for Instagram” popup, as shown above. Next, please name the ad, ad set and campaign that we will create.

id="3-pilih-tujuan-iklanmu">3. Choose Your Ad Destination

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Just like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads will also ask us to choose the purpose of the ads that we install from the list of options that have been provided, among others, as follows.


  • Brand Awareness : increase brand awareness.
  • Reach: reach as many audiences as possible.


  • Traffic: leads the audience to visit the website and increase it.
  • Engagement: increase engagement on a post, such as post likes, page likes, comments, etc.
  • App Installs: invites the audience to install applications.
  • Video views: invite as many as possible audience to view videos.
  • Lead Generation: gather potential customers for our business.


  • Conversions: increase sales conversions on our website.
  • Product catalog sales: display product catalogs automatically based on our target audience.
  • Store visits: invite the audience to know and visit the physical store / office of our business.

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4. Create a target audience for our business

Create Instagram Ads - herohosting.comAs beginners, at this stage, it is important for us to use the data we have and (sometimes) instinct. However, over time, this can be learned and we will get used to determining the targeting audience for our ads. We will find several categories of targeting audience, including the following.

  • The place
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Connection
  • Education
  • Work
  • Financial status
  • Origin
  • ethnicity
  • Generation
  • Parent
  • Politics (USA)
  • Important phenomenon
  • Interest
  • Behavior
  • Connection

At the targeting audience stage, there are also several features that will help targeting our ads more effectively, namely Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience. Following difference Custom Audience and lookalike Audience what you should know.

  • Custom Audience : feature target which allows our ads to reach audiences who have interacted and even become our customers. Custom audiences allow us to create targets from the customer list data that we already have.
  • Lookalike Audience : feature target which allows our ads to reach new audiences who have potential interest in our business/products. A lookalike audience can also mean that their interests are similar to those of our customers.

Tips: Make sure Audience Size from the targeting results that we choose have criteria in the “Specific Enough” area or in a safe green area.

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5. Place Your Ads on Instagram

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As we already know, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are indeed set on the same platform. It is at this stage that will distinguish the Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

In section “Placement” There are several options for placing ads. Option “Automatic Placements” will allow our ads to be displayed on several platforms under the auspices of Facebook, such as Facebook’s own social media, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. If we only want the ads that we create to be displayed on the Instagram platform only. Then, we can choose the option “Edit Placements” by choosing “Instagram” in category “Platforms”.

6. Set Your Budget & Schedule Your Ads

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After setting our ad placement on Instagram, the next step that is no less important in creating Instagram Ads is to set the budget and schedule for the ads to be displayed. There are two choices of budget categories that we can choose, namely: daily budget and lifetime budget. Here are the differences daily budget and lifetime budget what we should know.

  • Daily budget will allow our ads to continue to run throughout the day. This means, Instagram will spend the amount of budget you fill in one full day. Instagram Ads itself has a minimum daily budget that is around $1.
  • Lifetime budget will allow our ads to continue running for a certain period of time with the amount of budget that will be spent during that time. For example, if we want the ad that we make to run for 10 days with a lifetime budget of IDR 200,000. So, the system will automatically spend IDR 200,000 for 10 days, where per day our ads will spend a budget of IDR 20,000/day.

Still in the same section, we also have to set the schedule (schedule). Here, we have to set when our Instagram Ads campaign starts and ends. Not to forget, there are also features “Ad Scheduling” which will allow our ads to appear at certain hours of the day or certain days of the week.

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Don’t miss it, in the section “Budget & Scheduling” there is also a subsection “Optimization for Ad Delivery” which allows our Instagram Ads to be displayed on anyone. Here are some options “Optimization for Ad Delivery” what you should know

  • Link Clicks : installed for Instagram Ads with the aim of getting as many clicks to the website at the lowest price.
  • Impressions : Instagram Ads will appear in the audience feed for the longest possible time. Of course we are already familiar with an ad that sits on our Instagram homepage all day.
  • Daily Unique Reach : Instagram Ads will be displayed on the audience feed 1 time per day. This will allow the audience to see the same ad over and over again on different days or not on the same day.

7. Choose the appropriate ad display

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As we discussed in the previous article regarding the Types of Instagram Ads. There are several ad format options that we can choose at this stage. Such as Image, Video, Slideshow, Carousel and Collection. Especially for Instagram Ads, we can choose Image, Video, and Carousell formats. Meanwhile, we can try Slideshows and Collections on Facebook Ads.

>> More details, regarding the format / type of Instagram Ads, we can see HERE <<

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After choosing the Instagram Ads format according to the desired needs, then we can immediately upload media such as images / videos that we will put on our ads.

8. Connect Facebook Page and Instagram Ads

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Connecting Facebook Pages and Instagram Ads – via

Next, connect our business Facebook Pages with Instagram Ads that we will install. Even though we only want to put these ads on Instagram, we must connect our Instagram account with our Facebook Ads. You also don’t need to worry, if the business / product that we advertise does not have an Instagram account. We can still use Instagram Ads through Facebook Pages, with the name and profile photo used on the Facebook Pages used as identity.

9. Write Headline, Text, Call – to – Action

Create Instagram Ads -
Write Headline and Text – via

After connecting the Facebook Page with the Instagram Ads that we created, it’s incomplete if we haven’t added the Headline and Text description / caption for the Instagram Ads that we installed.

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Advanced Options – via

10. Preview and Checkout

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Ad preview – via

After a few steps on how to make Instagram Ads above have been done, then it’s just a preview of the results of Instagram Ads that are ready to be posted. After you finish previewing ads, all you have to do is “Place Order”.

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So, those are the steps to create Instagram Ads that you can immediately do for your business needs. What are you waiting for, instead of waiting a long time, immediately put it into practice to increase your customers and business profits. Next, see the guide how to make Instagram Stories Ads on the article series Get to know Instagrambelow this.

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