Know More Characteristics of Dangerous Face Whitening Cream

Some Indonesian women usually want to look beautiful and white. So some will try to use a cream that has whitening benefits. But did you know that there are also characteristics of dangerous facial whitening creams? Check out this article to find out what the characteristics are, OK!

Before choosing to use a certain face whitening cream, of course you must know in advance how the characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream are. Because you don’t want it, your efforts to get glowing white skin actually make your skin dull.

The demands of the times to always look beautiful and white make many women vying to find a safe and permanent face whitening cream. Unfortunately, there are many face whitening creams on the market and Instagram is still not sure whether it is safe or not.

For that, you need to know the characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream. So that you can avoid all the bad effects of dangerous face whitening creams, you must know how to distinguish the cream.

What are the characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream? Then how do you know if the cream you have used so far is safe or not?

Now you don’t need to be confused and worried anymore. In this article there is information about the characteristics of dangerous face whitening creams. Check now, come on!

How Face Whitening Cream Works

Face whitening cream that is safe and fast basically contains ingredients that can slow down the production of melanin in the outer layer of the skin. Melanin, which is a brown pigment produced in the skin’s melanocytes, is actually the body’s natural protection against the harmful effects of UV rays.

However, overproduction of melanin (also known as hyperpigmentation) can cause uneven skin tone. In fact, sometimes it can lead to the emergence of many other skin disorders, to skin cancer.

A good skin whitener acts to reduce the action of the tyrosinase enzyme which controls the level of melanin production in the skin. If the whitening product is good, then the ingredients will be effective in helping to get rid of the problems associated with hyperpigmentation.

However, harmful chemical-based face whiteners carry potential hazards and carry significant health risks if used continuously. Therefore, you need the characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream in order to avoid unwanted things.

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Characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream

Every woman, of course, wants a face whitening cream that is safe, fast, and cheap. However, if you are not careful and are easily influenced by cheap products that are widely offered on Instagram, you might be stuck with a dangerous face whitening cream.

Here are some things that you must pay attention to before buying a facial whitening cream. It is very important to know the characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream to determine whether your face whitening cream is safe or not.

1. No BPOM or Health Agency Permit

Every legal cream or cosmetic must be registered on the official BPOM website. This is important to ensure the quality of creams sold in the market.

Well, there is one way to make sure the cream you buy has the characteristics of a dangerous facial whitening cream or not. The trick is to just pay attention to whether there is a BPOM number on the package or not.

Unfortunately, there are also rogue manufacturers who intentionally put the BPOM number on the packaging to make it look like the original. To overcome this, you can check whether the cosmetics have been registered on the official BPOM website or not.

2. Glossy Cream Color

The original natural face whitener should have a color that is not too flashy when the packaging is opened. On the other hand, the characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream will be seen from its shiny color. It could be a very bright yellow or it could be too white.

This happens because the dyes used by fake cream manufacturers come from textile dyes or dangerous artificial dyes. Of course, textile dyes or artificial dyes are not good things to apply on your facial skin.

Therefore, if you find the cream you bought has the characteristics of this dangerous face whitening cream, stop using the cream immediately. In fact, if necessary switch to other cosmetics that are much safer.

3. Not Mixed Evenly and Sticky

The next characteristic of the dangerous face whitening cream is that it is not mixed evenly and is sticky. Even sometimes it’s still clear the texture of the cream is uneven and lumpy.

Usually, even if the clumping part of the cream is mixed with water, it still won’t mix well. In addition, the obvious thing is that when you apply the cream on your skin, you will feel a lump in your hand.

To overcome this, choose a face whitening cream that is safe at pharmacies. Ask an experienced pharmacist which cream is completely safe for you.

4. Strong Smell

The next characteristic feature of a dangerous face whitening cream is a sharp metallic smell. This usually happens because the cream contains mercury which is identical to the metallic smell.

Usually, these naughty producers will outsmart them by mixing excessive perfume. The goal, of course, is that the mercury smell is not too strong.

As a suggestion, before buying a cream, try to smell it first. If there is a very fragrant aroma, it is certain that it is not a safe cream characteristic.

5. Hot and sore when used

Some creams are adapted to your skin condition. However, sometimes there are also women who are not suitable when using certain creams until their skin feels hot and slightly peeling due to allergies.

This is very similar to the characteristics of dangerous whitening creams on the market. The difference is, the heat you feel on your face has more serious consequences than just being allergic to certain creams.

Another characteristic feature of dangerous facial whitening cream is that if used for a long time it will cause serious skin diseases. Worse yet, it can also cause scars such as wounds.

6. Reddened skin when exposed to the sun

Basically the skin is a part of the body that is able to protect a person from the sun. Using a good skin cream, in addition to helping you maintain your skin tone, can also help your skin function properly.

On the other hand, the characteristics of skin exposed to mercury from dangerous face whitening creams are the appearance of redness after exposure to the sun. The problem is, the most obvious characteristic of harmful whitening creams is that they contain ingredients that are not good for your skin.

The harmful ingredients contained in the cream will peel the epidermis of the skin. So that when exposed to sunlight, your skin that is not protected properly will immediately turn red.

7. Skin Looks Pale White

The characteristics of safe cosmetics will usually whiten the color of your skin that is not much exposed to the sun. In addition, the results obtained are white and fresh-looking skin.

On the other hand, the characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream will usually give results that appear whiter but look paler. It would be better if you stop using it before it loses its healthy skin tone.

8. Instant and Incredibly Fast Results

Everything that is instantaneous is not necessarily good. One example is instant noodles which if consumed regularly will cause many sources of disease.

Just like that, you have to be careful when using whitening cream. Especially when you suddenly get amazing results in just a matter of hours.

Long-term use will erode your skin and cause dangerous diseases. Even worse if it causes skin cancer.

9. Causing Addiction

The original cream certainly will not cause dependence when you stop using the cream. So that when you stop using it, you can still see the results of the cream.

However, the hallmark of a dangerous face whitening cream is that it causes a tremendous dependence on your skin. One of them is the presence of patches or growing a lot of pimples when you don’t use the cream for a few days.

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Look Beautiful White Safely

Those are the characteristics of a dangerous face whitening cream that you can use as additional information when choosing a face whitening cream. Hopefully the information can be useful for you so you won’t make the wrong choice and end up damaging your own skin.

For a safer way, you can choose to use more natural ingredients. Although the results are not fast, but at least natural ingredients will be safer for your skin and provide more permanent results.

But if you still want to use a face whitening cream, make sure you choose a cream that is really safe, OK! Because it’s not funny if you want your face to look beautiful white, but it ends up being damaged?

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