Know the Definition of Link Building and the Correct Technique

For those who work in the field of SEO or digital marketing, of course, you are no stranger to link building. Because these links will greatly affect the performance of the website or site that you are optimizing for. Creating a link link or link building is also one of the basic things that must be considered in SEO techniques, the goal is for optimization to be more effective and efficient.

Understanding Link Building

Before you find out more information about this link building, it’s a good idea to know what it means first. Simply building backlinks is a certain technique so that other websites will want to provide links that point to your website.

The reasons also vary, it could be because you are a business partner on the website, your articles are useful, and so on. The more backlinks you get, the better because it creates the potential for more clicks so that traffic increases.

As traffic increases your site’s ranking goes up. Even so, you must know that it is not only the quantity that must be considered, but the quality as well.

Never build or provide links on websites whose contents are spam or junk. Websites that contain no content will be considered spam by Google. This will actually make your website rank sink.

Backlink Building Rules

To be able to do link building, there are 3 things you must hold on to. The first is to look natural. If you intentionally build backlinks, it will manipulate Google rankings, and Google doesn’t like that.

The solution is to build backlinks naturally and naturally. Don’t get thousands of backlinks in a day from other websites or similar websites with just the same anchor text.

The second rule or rule is to be selective in choosing a website. Getting lots of backlinks from spam sites is the same. Therefore, look at the website to which you will provide the link. The higher the quality of the website, the higher the score of backlinks in the eyes of Google.

Usually SEO services JakartaJogja and other big cities will build backlinks on websites that already have high traffic, activities and interactions on the website are quite lively, the website does not die and is always updated, there is no spam, the content is quality and does not contain things that are prohibited by Google .

The third is that these backlinks must come from websites with similar topics. The purpose of this rule is if your website contains makeup tutorials then it would be better if you get backlinks from websites with similar topics.

The more quality backlinks from similar websites will increase the relevance of your website in the eyes of Google. This is very much in line with Google’s mission of displaying relevant search results. Therefore, in order to appear on the search page with the keywords you want, create backlinks from similar websites.

Entrust your Link Building to Experienced SEO SERVICES

If you can’t build or create those links in a short time, don’t worry because now there is an SEO Guard. Garda SEO is a company that provides SEO services for digital marketing for both SMEs and other businesses.

As a trusted SEO service, we offer a wide selection of SEO packages that you can choose according to your needs. Take it easy because the prices we provide are competitive, besides that we provide a guarantee in the form of the first page on the search engine.

By using our services, you don’t need to do link building techniques personally, because we will do it for you along with other optimizations so that your website ranking and traffic will increase even more.

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