Know the Professional Ethics of a Software Developer Before Entering a Career Here!

Know the Professional Ethics of a Software Developer Before Entering a Career Here!

Become a software developer not only about coding or generate an application or program. A software developer of course it must have a good impact on the work environment and what it produces. Therefore, this work also has professional ethics software developer applied to maintain professionalism.

If you choose a career as a software developer, it is important to understand what professional ethics are. The following is professional ethics software developer which has been collected by Jagoan Hosting. Before you start diving into the world of technology as a software developerlet’s see first!

1. Contribute to a better community life

A software developer must be able to develop computer systems that can reduce negative impacts on society such as social and security threats, besides that the programs produced must also have high standards and can facilitate certain activities or jobs.

2. Avoiding things that harm others

Programs on a computer system inevitably have an indirect impact on the user. What is meant is, for example, loss of data or information. So that one software developer must minimize these risks by following procedures and testing repeatedly.

Know the Professional Ethics of a Software Developer Before Entering a Career Here!

3. Honest and trustworthy, this also includes professional ethics software developer

In carrying out their duties, a software developer must be transparent, honest and trustworthy. Software developers is considered to violate this professional ethics if it is proven to falsify data, offer data without the knowledge of related parties. On the other hand, software developer can also be trusted with skills and honest with his limitations.

4. Respect every idea, work and protect intellectual assets

Programs produced by a software developer must protect copyrights, patents, trade secrets, license agreements, and it is strictly forbidden to acknowledge the work of others. A software developer have to develop using their own ideas.

5. Respecting the privacy of others is also part of professional ethics software developer

A software developer must understand privacy and be responsible for the collection and use of personal information, client data, financial information, research data, to patent licenses. Software developers allowed to use personal data only for purposes according to mutual agreement without violating the rights of individuals or groups.

6. Accept suggestions and reviews to achieve the best results

A software developer must be able to receive input, suggestions, and reviews in order to achieve the best results in program development. In addition, a software developer must also be able to evaluate his work.

7. Professional ethics software developer lastly, strive to achieve the best quality in terms of both product and work

Being a skilled and unyielding person is one of the important factors for a software developer to achieve the best quality in terms of the program being developed, as well as in its work such as, good relations with software developer other. A software developer who never give up will face all obstacles so that the project is done to achieve success.

That’s a professional ethic software developerof course the ethics of the profession must be carried out in order to create comfort in running as a person software developer.

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