Know What is Manga?

Know What is Manga?
Rahmancyber – What is Manga ? Manga (漫画) (pronounced: man-ga, or ma-ng-ga) is a comic word in Japanese,

outside of Japan, the word is used specifically to talk about Japanese comics.

and Mangaka (漫画家) (read: man-ga-ka, or ma-ng-ga-ka) is a person who draws manga.


Manga magazines in Japan usually consist of several comic titles, each of which fills about 30-40 pages of the magazine (one chapter/chapter). The magazines themselves usually range from 200 to 850 pages thick. A successful manga title can last for years like “ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 / Jojo no Kimyō na Bōken / JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure / Secret Mission”. Generally, successful titles can be made into animation (or now better known as ANIME) for example, such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Dragon Ball.

Some of the original story manga can be based on novels / visual novels, for example “Basilisk” (not circulating in Indonesia) based on the novel “甲賀忍法帖, Kōga Ninpōchō” by Futaro Yamada, which tells the story of the battle between the Tsubagakure Iga ninja clan and the ninja clan. Manjidani Koga. There are also those who raise it from a historical point of view, such as the history of the Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms) such as the Legend of the Dragon (Ryuuroden) and the histories of Japan, sometimes there are those who use real names, others use fictional characters.

So, it’s definitely different, you know, between Manga and Anime. If the language of physics. Most of the manga become large and Anime is its derivative. RED-A

There are so many Japanese animated films that originated from Manga, Comics…

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