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Labuan Bajo

Ah, maybe first I will take my hat off and say thank you to Daihatsu Indonesia, for rewarding me to try a two week road trip from Jakarta to Komodo Island. Your Terios rock guys!

After the road trip was over, our group was separated on the island of Komodo. The bloggers, as promised, will get Live on Board diving with a phinisi ship.

About two years ago, I saw a video on a video sharing site. As soon as I watched the video, I fell in love and wanted to set sail on this two-masted and seven-sail ship.

Our boat at Sunset

A year passed, and after accumulating a little savings, I arrived in the land of Flores.

But, look at the price of renting a phinisi boat which costs three iPhones a day. I could only be silent and could only ride a small fishing boat with residents and vegetables.

And, now, at this moment. I was on board a ship called Plataran – a phinisi ship the size of one and a half big buses – with a troupe of terios and ready to plow the ocean!


Before leaving, we had time to donate some goats to one of the Labuan Bajo mosques to welcome Eid al-Adha 🙂
Finally our car arrived at Komodo Island! But for conservation reasons, the car is just left on the boat.

Since the Komodo sail which was held not long ago in 2013, the face of the Labuan Bajo has changed slightly. Labuan Bajo, as we know, is a tourism gateway to enter the Komodo National Park area.

A year ago, there were no brick-block roads on the shores of the harbor. Now we can relax while taking a walk in the afternoon enjoying the sunset with a panoramic view of the docked ships.

Currently, there are many maps and directions installed in Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo, who continues to preen, is getting more and more beautiful.

Pink sand beach

I’m still waiting for Labuan Bajo to have a city shape similar to Rio in Brazil. There is already an alley that connects the beach and the road on the hill, it’s a bit similar, hehe.

However, plastic waste is still scattered on the edge of the port and there is no trash can. Is it true that the Komodo Sail event can lift one? wonders of Indonesia this? Or is it just a ride on the Komodo dragon gate?

Only time can answer that.


Plataran has one sundeck where we can sunbathe (I didn’t need to sunbathe since I was born, it’s black). It has a dining room, two bathrooms, six beds, and a family room where you can relax in front of it.

The design is very macho. The brown color shows a classic impression and sophistication. Maybe if this ship was black like Jack Sparrow’s ship I could be a real pirate and kidnap a cute lady on our neighbor’s ship, a group of 7 wonders too, who looks bigger and more luxurious.

The white camera has a next door neighbor, just imaging :p

Actually, in my opinion, the Komodo dragon is not at all interesting.

They just look like monitor lizards but bigger, and look lazy all day long. Well, indeed they are just pretending to be relaxed and waiting for their prey to be careless. But, personally I’m not really interested.

However, it turns out that the place where the Komodo dragon lives has one of the best underwater beauty in Indonesia.

Don’t come to Komodo by not bringing your diving license, it’s a big loss, friend!

That’s why there are so many phinisi ships like platarans in the Komodo area. This ship usually carries foreign tourists who want to dive. They can rent these boats for up to a week because there are too many diving spots here! Trekking in Komodo or Rinca may just be a distraction.

Our ship which only sailed for two nights did not satisfy me at all.

But, already feeling leyeh-leyeh while grinning on this magnificent phinisi ship, I can only say thank you 🙂

Thank you Daihatsu #Terios7Wonders !

A place to relax while blogging live.
Terios group of 7 wonders
Komodo Island Rangers :))
Trekking @ rinca island
Our last sunset on the boat.


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