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Workliday with sis prue

From Matahora Airport on Wangi-wangi Island in the Wakatobi Islands, this resort is only 15 minutes away. Along this beachside trip, I only saw one passing car. Of course, very much different from the airport in Cengkareng there.

I was only here last night, waiting for the flight schedule the next morning. But I quite like the resort’s construction that uses wood in almost all of its elements.

A cool place

At the Patuno pier there are several chairs that can be used to relax. Having coffee in the afternoon while eating fried bananas accompanied by the Wakatobi breeze is definitely cool.

At the resort, which is said to be owned by the regent, there are also tour packages for diving (yes, wakatobi kaleeee), snorkeling, or traveling to Bajo village.

Just before sunrise
Double bed standard room. About 900 thousand per room.

The room itself is quite comfortable. I like the very high ceilings. Unfortunately, the AC installed is also too high and doesn’t seem to have enough pressure to cool the room. So to be honest the room is not too cold. But the wooden construction still makes this room cool.

The food is just ordinary. But can’t say it’s bad. I like the red bean soup the most. But at dinner, the salted fish menu should be replaced with ordinary fish… hehe.

Shared back balcony for standard room. The private balcony is in the deluxe room.
This resort is quite spacious, maybe there are more than 10 wooden houses like this.
A quiet beach in front yard.

I can’t really say much about this resort. However, I highly recommend trying Patuno if you visit Wakatobi!

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