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Welcome to the Rahmancyber Page Portal, an innovation to make it easier for us to get closer to today’s popular media sites. We can choose from several existing portals, including: latest news which captures news media, whether it is science and technology, social, law, politics, etc. summarized here.
TV stationwhich compiles web pages for TV stations in various cities and also live streaming TV sites, Radio Stations, which collect web pages sradio stations in various regions, including radio streaming.
It should be noted, here there is a rating that I set based on reviews that have been carried out, and can change at any time.

Simple Ranking Criteria,among others:
1. Content/Content
2. Design and layout
3. Interaction with users (easy for users to access information).

Media featured on Rahmancyber Page Portalis a medium that I have considered. And I consider it worthy to be included in rahmancyber portal page. There are several criteria that I use and they are privacy in monitoring. I can delete what media appear on the portal if it is out of the criteria. God willing.
Ok! Have Fun!


Compass is one of the digital news that can be used as a reference, because the news is always updated and warm directly from the newspaper which has spread in many areas. So no doubt. Various news are classified in a neat and structured manner that makes it easier for users to get news. The structured arrangement can make the user feel at home for a long time with The ad arrangement is also arranged in such a way so as not to disturb the user in reading the news. then for the news site. Compass is the number 1 news site that I recommend.

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4. Detik

5. Cybernews Suara

6. Daily Seputar

Some of the digital news above are recommendations to be used as a reference for knowledge. and for the best version of rahmancyber’s news, it will be reviewed like the compass news above. position may change.
according to future developments

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