Latest! Websites that are considered SPAM are also unblocked by Facebook and Instagram

Hmmm, don’t you regret it if the website you built has been around for a long time, years, eh suddenly just block it on facebook (Block means web you can’t be posted on facebook ), at least it looks like this, you will never be able to post if that website url still attached to your post.

Suddenly when it happened to my main site it also affected all existing sub domains, even had an impact on INSTAGRAM Also, the result on Facebook the site is at Banned or Blocked Facebook.
Obviously, I just can’t either link my website on facebook profile consequence My main website URL is Blocked.

Dizzy right?? What’s wrong then, even though I didn’t do anything wrong, was it bad to spread illegal content or pirated softwarewong nyepam wae ra know… well then what is the cause of our website URL being blocked by Facebook???

There are several reasons why your website is block facebook

Possible causes Your website url is blocked by FacebookThe following are some of the things that are considered the cause of why websites are blocked by Facebook and are prohibited from being shared on Facebook.

1. Posts shared to Facebook contain:

Dangerous Organization
Criminal Activity
Hate Speech

In addition, any domains you wish to allow are shared with Facebook must follow Community Standards (Community Standards) Facebook completely.

2. There are certain parties who report the URL of the website that you share or other people share ( If your website has an automatic share to Facebook ) whether it was on purpose or the wrong press, I don’t know competitors or people who don’t like what you share (It shouldn’t be like that, if you don’t like it, just skip it or unsubscribe.. that’s right!). I don’t know, what’s clear is that if your website is reported by several people, it could be the reason your url will be blocked.

So do I stay silent and surrender?

no, my man didn’t do anything wrong.. I finally joined in forum forum and blog walking everywhere, it turns out that this also happens to many people in World of the Internet this.

Wow gosh, how come there are so many useful website, got blockedmeans here I’m not alone, there are other blogger friends too the one that got the same thing is the Url in Block Facebook

Well then, it turns out that there are some people who have managed to survive the URL Block, aka the URL has been successfully Unblocked by Facebook.

and here I am also one of them, finally today URL https://www.rahmancyber.nethas been successful in Unblock.

How do you know, yes, I was also surprised when I opened Facebook, there was a notification like this:
Thanks again for letting us know about this post. We took another look and found it doesn’t go against our Community Standards, so we’ve restored your post. We’re sorry for the trouble and appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with us so that we could correct this.

To celebrate that, here I want to share tips, How to Open a Blocked URL on Facebook, latest and Proven Successful!

But before, Please double check whether your website violates Facebook rules as described above ? If it violates, looks like you should consider removing the banned content and start with the content allowed by Facebook.

But if you are absolutely sure that the website you have is not violatingyou can report this problem to Facebook and apply to unban / unblock the website.

Steps to Open Facebook Blocked URLs

The following is a powerful way to open blocked URLs on Facebook and Instagram, please follow my guide

Step #1 to Unblock URLs on Facebook and Instagram

1). First, head to the Sharing Debugger page on Facebook for Developers below:

2). After that please you Enter the url/link of your blog or website which blocked by facebook in the box provided above.
3). If the link is blocked by Facebook, there will be an explanation that Your URL is Spam.. the point is that it is blocked.
4). If that’s the case, please click the ‘let us know’ section, a page like this will appear

5). Just write your comments if you can contain the following points:

  • Give a brief description of your website, for example your website is about technology, just explain that my website is a personal blog that contains sharing my experiences in the technology world… ez…ez…ez (you can make up your own about this)
  • Explain if your website does not post or distribute hate speech, harmful or malicious content. The point is to make it clear that your website is 100% safe.
  • And if Facebook page you are deleted too, please explain if you are Facebook your page, you don’t share weird things, let alone subscribe to the Facebook community guidelines.
  • Ask Facebook to review your websiteto make sure that your website is safe (because they most likely use auto block, so to unblock it again they do it manually).
  • If you have difficulty speaking English, you can type the words first, then on google translate.

Well, later we will get a response like this:

We received your report and appreciate your patience as we work to fix technical problems on Facebook. Though we can’t update everyone who submits a report, we’re using your feedback to improve the Facebook experience for everyone.
To contact us about non-technical issues, please visit the Help Center.
The Facebook Team

Honestly, using that method, I can’t prove the tagline that I typed in the title above Latest! Websites that are considered SPAM are also unblocked by Facebook and Instagram.

and URL I obviously haven’t opened it from Facebook blockyes until there, I had given up, until there is a friend on the forum posting, that in order for our application for unblocking Facebook to be reviewed immediately, we need the strength of the forum, or community period.

Usually, if a lot of people support it will be reviewed faster, okay, then I finally start working on the second way to unlock block URL in Facebook and Instagram

Maybe begging begging for a little help… hihi, but that’s okay, after all it’s for the common good ^_^

This is Step #2 to Unblock URLs on Facebook and Instagram

1). Try posting a link to your blocked blog or website on your friends’ Facebook account, tell him to post, or you can spread it to your Group or Facebook page, that you need the help of your followers. Later they will got a warning if you can’t post the link and I have to delete if I want to continue posting. If you keep posting later there will be a warning, “We removed your post because it looks like spam. Go to your Support Inbox to learn more.”

2). If a notification like that appears, please check the inbox support section. Actually, you can directly click on the notification that appeared earlier or click on the question mark next to your profile name, that’s where it’s located

3). If you click it, there will be an inbox from Facebook support, it reads

Alright! direct click, “This isn’t spam” if in English, or the same as the picture above, if Facebook is in Indonesian.

4). Okay, repeat the method above, to some of your friends, the more people who help, the faster your website URL will likely be Unblock Facebook and of course if Facebook already Unblock Website Url you, then Instagram too.

So that your website url with the sub domain of the domain will be Unblock all!

After it turns out that your website has been unblocked by Facebook, it means that you have successfully opened the URL of your website which was blocked by Facebook. Then you will get a reply Love Letter from Facebookas follows.

Thanks again for letting us know about this post. We took another look and found it doesn’t go against our Community Standards, so we’ve restored your post. We’re sorry for the trouble and appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with us so that we could correct this.

That I started to do the second way Friday, March 1, 2019 and Alhamdulillah Latest! Websites that are considered SPAM are also unblocked by Facebook and Instagram Day Wednesday, March 6, 2019 this.
If calculated about 6 working days.

Well, that’s the story, it seems that the power of the community is very powerful, bro… the proof is directly on Approve like that. Even though I used the first method, it hasn’t worked for months, and I’m sorry, people who want to share my posts can’t.. hihi,

Until Share Button on the Website RahmanCyber I deleted this.. jal.. piye jal.. and now it works, will I return the share button again? hihi

That personal and hands-on experience I also experienced this, please share with friends who want to vent or ask questions about the topic URL Website on Facebook Blockkcan be embedded in the comment box…
Regards, ^_^

This is the sight the url in the debugger after successful in Unblock also by Facebook and Instagram

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