Law Teacher of Elementary School Students Chewing Plastic Makes Angry, KPAI: Very Uneducated


Another sad incident occurred in the world of education. A teacher at a public elementary school (SD) in Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi punished 16 students by chewing plastic waste from the trash can in front of the class. The teacher also received strict sanctions by deactivating his status as an educational staff.

It started when the students were noisy in class because they wanted to give a birthday surprise to their class teacher. The teacher with the initials MS usually teaches in grade 4, while the victim is a grade 3 student. MS initially admonished the students to be quiet and not make a fuss.

However, because the students were noisy again, MS did not remain silent. He came back, closing the classroom door. MS then took the plastic waste that was used to wrap dry children’s snacks. The trash was put into the mouths of the students, Mother.

Buton’s Head of Education, Youth and Sports (Dikmudora) Harmin said that currently MS had been given a sanction. It no longer gives MS authority to teach.

Harmin said this decision was taken based on the results of a meeting with Dikmudora Buton, the teacher council, and the school principal. He stated that the sanctions were given pending a legal decision which is currently still in process.

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According to Harmin, a teacher must have a lot of patience and the problem of punishment should not have to touch physically.

“I am also a former teacher, yesterday I said that when we teach, perhaps there are many methods that we must use, including sanctions, many kinds of sanctions, there is no need for physical sanctions or sanctions that have been carried out,” he said recently.

Buton Police Chief AKBP Gunarko said this incident was reported to the police by one of the parents of the alleged victim. The authorities will then summon the parties involved.

“Later we will call the parties related to the incident and then we will determine the criminal element. But we hope it can be resolved amicably and become a lesson for all,” said Gunarko.

Responding to this incident, the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) also condemned MS’s actions. KPAI’s commissioner for education, Retno Listyarti, said that KPAI condemned the elementary school teacher who gave the sanction to put garbage in the mouth of a student who was deemed wrong because it was noisy. Retno explained that this kind of sanction is not very educational, endangers the health of students, and is a form of violence.

“(The alleged) victim was traumatized by the incident and was afraid to go to school,” said Retno in a recent written statement.




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