Legendary Culinary Places in Semarang

Legendary Culinary Places in Semarang
Legendary Culinary Places in Semarang

Legendary Culinary Places in Semarang – There are several culinary tourism spots in Semarang that are unique and legendary. Called legendary because it has been operating since decades ago. Here, we summarize five Semarangan culinary tourism destinations that you should visit along with their addresses.

A trip to the city of Semarang, would not be complete if you haven’t enjoyed the culinary delights. Especially if you are someone who loves to eat and is always interested in unique dishes. To fulfill your desire for food, here we present information about five unique and legendary culinary tourism spots in Semarang.

Traveling is one way to relax your muscles and refresh your mind due to your daily routine. Not only enjoying beautiful and exotic places, enjoying certain regional specialties also includes traveling.


region has a different type of cuisine. This is what makes culinary hunters like traveling and taste the specialties of the region they visit.

If you are a culinary hunter and plan to go to Semarang, check it out review short first. At least, it can be a provision for you to decide which places to stop off. Come on, just take a look and add it to the list of places you will visit.

1. Lumpia Gang Lombok

Lumpia Gang Lombok

Jalan Gang Lombok No. 11, Purwodinatan
Central Semarang, Semarang City
Central Java 50137
Days & Hours of Operation

day: 08.00-17.00 WIB

One of Semarangan’s signature and legendary foods is spring rolls. Judging from the name, this food has something to do with the Bamboo Curtain Country. More precisely, Semarang spring rolls are the result of cross-culturalism between China and Java.

Spring rolls have been a popular snack since colonial times. Not only people of Chinese descent who like it, local people also like it.

You may find this food in the gift shop area in this city. However, there are four original spring roll shops in Semarang that you need to know and include in your list of culinary tourism destinations. The four shops are owned by the children and grandchildren of the first generation of the original spring roll maker in Semarang.

Among the four shops of aboriginal descent, Lumpia Gang Lombok is the oldest. This shop, which is always busy with buyers, is located at Gang Lombok no. 11, Purwodinatan. The raw material for this spring roll is still based on the recipe from its ancestors. The odorless mixture of bamboo shoots and a mixture of egg and shrimp that is not fishy is the reason people visit this place.

This shop provides spring rolls in two types, namely wet and fried. Even though they are not fried, wet spring rolls can still be eaten because the filling is cooked. People usually buy wet spring rolls to take home because they can be stored in the refrigerator and can be fried for the next 2-3 days.

Although spring rolls are often bought as souvenirs, you can still enjoy their deliciousness on the spot. You can also visit the Tay Kak Sie temple which is next to the Gang Lombok stall. The temple is one of the old temples in Semarang.

2. Asem-Asem Koh Liem

Asem-Asem Restaurant Koh Liem

Jl. Karang Anyar No.28- C4, Gabahan
Central Semarang, Semarang City
Central Java 50135
Days & Hours of Operation
Every day: 07.00–17.00 WIB

The next culinary tourism destination in Semarang is Asem-Asem Koh Liem. Judging from the name, you would have thought that the owner of this shop is of Chinese descent. Yes, Semarang is a city that has historically been heavily influenced by Chinese culture.

This restaurant is a simple restaurant in Semarang that is delicious and legendary. On the corner of the building, it is written the first year this shop was established, which was 1978. One of the mainstays on the menu is beef stew with a secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Asem-asem is a dish containing diced beef with a fresh sour and spicy sauce. This taste is what makes this dish called sour.

The spices that give this dish a sour taste are tamarind, tomatoes, and starfruit. The sour taste is then combined with the spiciness of the large chopped green chilies. These basic ingredients are the main characters behind the fresh sour sauce.

3. Bustaman Goat Curry Mr. Sabar

Bustaman Goat Curry Mr. Sabar

Still talking about meat, there is one more processed meat that is a typical culinary of Lumpia City, namely Bustaman curry. Unlike the Koh Liem tamarind which uses beef, Bustaman curry uses mutton.

Before talking about the deliciousness of this dish, it’s good to first look at its history because this culinary is legendary. So you not only enjoy it, but also know the story behind the delicacy.

Bustaman is actually the name of a goat slaughtering village in the city of Semarang. The village whose name comes from a figure named Kiai Kertoboso Bustam is indeed closely related to the activity of buying and selling goat meat. This goat slaughtering activity has been carried out since the Dutch colonial era and Delete A Comment On Instagram.

Apart from slaughtering goats, the residents are also traders of goat curry. The uniqueness of Bustaman curry lies in the sauce that does not use coconut milk like other gulai-goulash. The brown gravy comes from grated coconut which is fried to dry.

If you are traveling in Semarang and want to try a unique culinary specialty, Bustaman curry can be a solution. To enjoy the delicacy of this dish, you don’t have to go to Kampung Bustaman, really. This Bustaman goat curry stall is also widely spread in several places.

One of the famous and easy-to-reach Bustaman curry food stalls is Bustaman Pak Sabar Goat Gourd. It is located behind the Blenduk Church, Kota Lama area, Semarang.

That way, you can take a walk to enjoy the beauty of the Old City first. When the stomach feels hungry, then eat at Pak Sabar’s stall. Don’t worry, this shop’s opening hours are from 08.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB.

How are you guys? If you are curious to taste it, just add it to the list of culinary tours that you want to visit in Semarang.

4. Oen Shop

Oen shop

Jl. Youth No. 52, Bangunharjo
Central Semarang, Semarang City
Central Java 50138
Days & Hours of Operation
Daily: 09.30–21.30 WIB

If you are in the Kota Lama area and want to just relax while enjoying a typical snack, try visiting Toko Oen. The location is not far from the Old City area, namely on Jalan Pemuda.

Like the buildings in the Old City, the Toko Oen building is also a Dutch heritage. Toko Oen is indeed more like a restaurant than a shop, but the name has stuck and has become famous for a long time.

According to some sources, Toko Oen was first opened in Jogja in 1910 by a woman named Liem Gien Nio. The name Oen is taken from the name of her husband, namely Oen Tjok Hok. In 1936, this store opened a branch in Semarang.

Toko Oen provides a variety of menus ranging from local to European dishes. The interior design of the shop also creates its own classic atmosphere so that when you enter, you feel like you are in a classic western movie. Presumably, this place is suitable for those of you who are looking for a romantic place to eat in Semarang.

You don’t have to eat hard, you can relax drinking coffee while accompanied by the unique cakes that are the mainstay of this shop. Some of these cakes include: tonsils, poffertjesand rail hook. Just hearing the name, you must be curious about what it tastes like, right?

5. Ice Puter Cong Lik

Ice Puter Cong Lik

Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan No. 11, Karangkidul
Central Semarang, Semarang City
Central Java 50241
Days & Hours of Operation
Every day: 18.00–23.30 WIB

Ice puter is also often referred to as ice dung dung. This dish is dessert typical Indonesian. The ice cream uses coconut milk instead of milk so the texture is a little rougher than ice cream.

There is one legendary es puter stall in Semarang that you can add to your list of culinary tourism destinations, namely Es Puter Cong Lik. When you hear the name, you may feel curious and think that the seller is from Chinese ethnicity.

The name Cong Lik is not a Chinese name, but comes from an acronym little lackey. Kacung in Indonesian means helper, so little lackey means little helper. Because the Semarangan Javanese accent is a little rough, the sound of laddie Becomes cong.

It is said that the founder of this ice shop, Mr. Sukimin, had been a waiter during the Japanese colonial era when he was still a teenager. In addition, he is also known as a tenacious and agile worker when selling ice around. From here, he was nicknamed little lackey. In 1982, the sale of ice puter was continued by the second generation of Pak Sukimin, namely Pak Imam Suwarto.

There are several variants of es puter flavors at this shop, there are chocolate, avocado, durian, coconut, and many other variants. The price starts from Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 20,000. This ice shop is open from afternoon to evening, starting at 18.00 WIB to 24.00 WIB.

Enjoy Culinary Tourism in Semarang that is Old and Makes You Satisfy

Those are some of the culinary attractions in Semarang that you need to know. Semarang does have a variety of cultural patterns due to acculturation that has occurred since time immemorial. This also has an impact on the culinary world.

By reading this article, at least you have guidelines for traveling while pampering your tongue. Just add it to the list of destinations that you will visit when on vacation to Semarang.

If you find this information useful, share it with your friends who like culinary tours too. By exchanging information, the list of interesting places that need to be visited increases.