Leomord’s Words (Revamp) Complete with Meaning – Mobile Legends

Leomord's Words (Revamp) Complete with Meaning - Mobile Legends

Here are the latest words spoken by Leomord – The Sworn Sword after the revamp update in Mobile Legends. Leomord is a Fighter hero specializing in Chase and Burst Damage.

This Leomord can summon a horse, guys, sorry, don’t bother going near if he’s already summoned a horse.

Leomord's Words (Revamp) Complete with Meaning - Mobile Legends

Okay just go ahead, these are the words of Leomord Mobile Legends.

Hero Selection Saat

Valor and royalty in a dead body.
Courage and Royality to a dead body.

When Leomord Move

A greater cause kept me from the battlefield.
The bigger reason got me off the battlefield.”

Carrots for you, Barbiel?…right, can’t taste it.
“Want carrots, Barbiel? …right, can’t taste them.

Life and death both for the glory.
Life and death both for success.

We will never surrender.
“We will never give up.”

Must fight to keep our hope alive.
“Must fight to keep our hope alive.”

Honor to have died in this wondrous city.
“It is an honor to die in this amazing city.”

There’s something more painful than death”
“There is nothing more painful than death

Heroes gone, but oath stands strong.
“Heroes may die, but the oath stands firm.

Death is never the end.”
“Death is not the end.”

I’ll honor the vow even in death.”
“I honor my oath, even in death.”

The oath of a knight transcends life and death.
“A knight’s oath transcends life and death.

My guarding shift on Ridgeburg is now forever.
My current schedule at Ridgeburg is forever.

I’ll fight till that day Ridgeburg breathes again.
“I’ll fight until it’s time for Ridgeburg to come back to life.”

Barbiel, my closest comrade.
“Barbiel, my closest comrade.”

Did I keep the oaths? or did I break it?.
“Did I keep that oath? or did I break it?”

When Leomord kills Lord

Don’t let the terror reign
“Don’t let terror reign

Threat now ruled out
Threats are now ruled out

It is my duty to protect
“It’s my duty to protect

When Leomord Interacts with Vexana

Milady, I have sworn to guard you even when I am dead
“Miss, I have sworn to take care of you even when I die

When Leomord Interacts with Faramis

Salute to your potions not to you, Faramis.
“Salute to your potion faramis, not to you.

When Leomord kills the enemy

A venerable rival Yet
An honorable rival

This is what invaders get!
“This is what you get as a colonizer

A vile enemy, yet a glorious battle
“Evil enemy, yet glorious battle

When Leomord buys gear

This suits the knighthood.
“Suitable for knights.

Greater strength I seek.
“It’s the greater power that I seek.

This piece looks sturdy.
“This thing looks solid.

When Leomord attacks

None shall pass!
“No one can pass!

Bring it on!

Die, demons!
“Die, demon!

Power of the oaths!
“The power of the oath!

Hold the ground!
“Defend this land!

When Leomord casts a skill

I am invincible!
“I’m invincible!

Now, tremble!
“Now, tremble!

For the oath!
“To swear!


When Leomord takes out the Ulti

To protect our homeland!
“To protect our homeland!

Pave our path, Barbiel!
“Open our way, Barbiel!

When Recall

on my way”
Go soon

Let’s go, Barbiel.
“Come on Barbiel.

When Respawn

Death does not bend my will.”
Death does not bend my will.

Promise yet to be fulfilled.
Promises have not been fulfilled.

When Dead

Ridgeburg will not fall…”
Ridgeburg won’t fall…

[menggeram kesal]”

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Those were the sentences spoken by Leomord in the game for those of you who might be curious.

Source: Fandom

These words may change, decrease or increase, depending on the update by the developer. If something is not correct, please help correct it. Thank you very much.

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