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More, more, more. Say more Sometimes we don’t realize that it always haunts our minds in this day and age. More money, more car, more camera, more crazy! How about ‘less is more’ ? Live simply?

Including when we take photos. Sometimes we take something excessively so that the main story object that we want to photograph becomes invisible.

Or we can also buy a 24 megapixel camera, but never even print photos on postcard size paper. After all, when was the last time you printed a photo?

Less is more. That’s the mantra I always use in every photo I take.

Photography is a form of storytelling. Story telling. You want your photos to have a strong message, be different from the others, and of course have visual character.

Minimalist composition

Good morning from West Halmahera

Composition, is the easiest — or perhaps the most difficult — thing to make as simple as possible. To create a minimalist composition, a photographer must remove elements that are not needed to strengthen the story, without having to make the photo boring.

Yes, most photos are too simple and become boring, see instagram. Oops.

Maybe you think minimalist photos are easier, in fact it can be even more difficult. Need more creativity. And of course it takes a lot of practice. We can train our eyes by ‘crop’ photos when taking photos, not by “it can be edited in Photoshop later”.

You can also use a fixed lens, which can’t be zoomed so that creativity will be honed even more.

You can still zoom with your feet 🙂

Start with line and pattern

Making lines (abstract) from the forest

To create a minimalist photo, start with the lines.

Strong lines will make your photos strong. Take a look at the buildings with modern architecture around you. It’s a good place to train sense of minimalism in our brains.

Look for imaginary lines to bring the viewer of your photo as if they were in the place we photographed. Get those leading lines. Also look for geometric shapes like triangles. Begin to see an object as a shape. Begin to see the forest as a repetition of vertical lines, see the waves as a regular curve, and see your eyes and the smile on your lips as a triangle. Whoops.

Yes, I know my belly looks like a circle. This is an exception.

Less gear in your (camera) bag

You see. This is me, if I travel with a big bag, the bag will be full. Full of stuff I don’t really need.

“You can use one more lens, you can use a laptop too, don’t forget it’s a straightener!”

Finally, I feel more like carrying a two-door refrigerator than carrying a bag. Just want to take a picture, it’s already lazy.

At the end of the trip, I feel like I only used half of the stuff.

In the end I decided to bring less. Camera bag? Why bring it if there is only one camera and one lens!

One object, one background, one strong image.

Less Distractions. Live Simply.

When people ask me to critique their photos, sometimes the problem is the same: too much distraction.

The main suspect is usually a background that is too busy. There are cars passing by, people’s heads, trees, odd colors, or whatever else distracts the main object.

I often give photography tips to pay attention to the edges of the frame rather than the main object.

Because the main object must have entered our ‘main radar’, while the edges of the frame we pay less attention to.

Unknowingly, many objects that should not be in the frame actually enter and interfere with the composition.

Less is more?

I remember Mountoya mineral water packaging when I was traveling to Cirebon. They’re trying to get rid of the unimportant part: the plastic label.

Apart from being a visual distraction, these plastic labels are also not environmentally friendly — even harder to recycle than the plastic bottles themselves.

Apart from Cirebon, it seems that we can also see this beautiful bottle in other cities in Indonesia. I really like Mountoya’s packaging, which carries a simple live theme. It fits the school of photography that I follow.

Embrace less. Less is more. Remember to live simply. This is the key to getting great photos. And of course a happy life.

Terrible greetings.

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