Let’s Discuss the Film Earth to Echo

Friend, have you watched the movie “Earth to Echo”? This film is enough for me to give some good messages…

I’ll post it here guys… . So what I post is a good quality film in terms of Morale, MESSAGE and Visuals.

If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it, God willing, it will be good, Safe … This film tells about friendship, friendship that starts far away because they have to separate.

But at the end of this film… There is a message, If you are really friends, no matter how far you are, whether it’s in any universe… then friends will always be there. You’re not Alone… “It’s our thoughts that actually make the distance farther away…

The mission of the main players of this film is, how to return ECHO into space where he lives. By helping find his Spaceship “Space Ship”.

If you’re curious… just watch it…

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