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Get ready for 4G LTE at Andromax!

As someone who often ‘works’ in cafes or similar public places, I have never depended on public internet free or free wifi the like. I always use Mifi modems (modems that can be hotspots) like products from Smartfren. In addition to being stable and not slow, my modem can also be a power bank and a wireless storage medium.

Feeling a stable smartphone network, I also used one of the Andromax Z smartphones that I bought last year. Until I heard good news from Smartfren not too long ago: Andromax will support 4G LTE network!

Some time ago, taking place in Senayan City, Smartfren launched several smartphone models that support LTE networks which will be available in the near future. So for Andromax users, get ready to be fast and slow because it will support the 4G LTE network whose speed can be 10 times that of the previous generation network!

To support that, some devices Andromax 4G LTE was launched for the Indonesian market which presents smartphones with powerful multimedia performance with value best in class; Andromax R, Andromax Q, Andromax Qi, Andromax Ec, and Andromax Es. The five devices are the first Andromax 4G LTE smartphone in the Indonesian market.

One of the handsets launched — Andromax Q — is pre-installed with Cyanogen OS 12 based on Anroid Lollipop. This cool. Cyanogen is one of the open source Android modifications that has global popularity through Cyanogen OS and open source CyanogenMod, with more than 50 million users in 190 countries. Yihaa!

Oh yes, even though you don’t have plans to upgrade your smartphone to 4G, Smartfren’s CDMA EVDO network will also run as fast as usual. But if you want a fast and anti-slow browsing, downloading, or streaming experience, let’s get ready to move to Andromax 4G! #Go4gReady

Moments of the launch of Andromax 4G #Go4gReady
Andromax handset that is #Go4gReady
Let’s look forward to slow internet speed from Smartfren 4G LTE! #Go4gReady

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